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Minutes WCAGA Board meeting February 5, 2012

MINUTES WCAGA February 5, 2012

  • Next Board meeting Sunday, March 25 at Spruill from 4:00 to 6:00. All members welcome.

Annual Membership Meeting/Holiday Party

Should the Holiday Party be combined with the Annual Membership Meeting/should it be in
December? Topic to be discussed again in the future.

Appearances/Web and Blog

We are looking for graphic design members who would help coordinate the look of our web
site with the blog.

Photos Requested

Kate is always looking for photos for the Newsletter. That also serves to archive them since the
documents are saved.

Drawing Marathon

Marathons will happen multiple times throughout the year at different sites, starting with the
first one in March. Results of the marathons may be shown at an Art Share late in the summer
or early fall. Details to come; check the web site, blog and/or Facebook. Barb Rehg, Chair.

Art Share

We are looking for a new chair to organize the Art Shares. Susan Ker-Seymer has done a great
job of chairing for the last year (or more) and would like to step down. For more information,
contact Judy Parady or Susan Ker-Seymer.

Book Club

Turnout increases! Next is March 18 at Vicki Martin+s house. See the February Newsletter (link
on the web site) or blog for details.

National Juried Exhibit

If you want to be a part of this you should contact Barb Rehg, Exhibits Chair, and join the
Exhibits Committee. Expect a national call for entries in 2013. Our working title is -Material
Witness+. The juror has not yet been selected. There will be a catalogue. To process the entries,
should we use a commercial online service like CafÄ?

The Little Red Journal

This is a national project that we have decided to participate in. One of the national chapters
started this; one book goes around the country and artists in that chapter fill the pages in
their section. It will come to us in September but you can start working on a piece before then
to attach to the page. It+s very small (art no larger than 4+h x 3+w x 1/4+thick), but some are
doing fold-outs. 29 members can participate. Sign-up will begin on March 3 at Midnight via
email to Barb Rehg, and getting a spot is first-come, first-served. There will be an email reminder
notice the Monday before March 3, and another Mail Chimp email will go out when all
29 spaces are reserved. Eventually the finished book will be auctioned off at the WCA National
Conference in NYC in 2013. See web site and/or blog for more.

Funding Guidelines

We voted on and approved guidelines for granting funds in response to individual artists+
requests for help with specific projects.


Representative to the Chapters Council at the National Board Meetings

WCA National requests that a designated -chapter representative+ (as opposed to also being
the President or other officer of the chapter) attend the winter National Board meeting
as part of the -Chapters Council+ to present information about what our chapter is doing. It+s
always held at the National WCA Conference. From that body, three people are elected to be
part of the national board; if elected, you would also be expected to go to the summer board
meeting. We may be able to provide a small stipend to offset the travel expenses of a WCAGA
representative. Please contact Judy Parady or Ann Rowles if interested.

Attracting Younger Members

It was suggested that we should be making more efforts to attract more young women
members. There is a relatively new national initiative for younger members, the Young WC, an
internal caucus of the National Women+s Caucus for Art with a focus on college students and
young professionals. (See their program listing for the 2012 WCA Conference.) It was agreed
that we have much to offer but we need to address topics of interest to young artists. How to
do it? To start, ask the young artists that you know.

Elections discussion tabled until next meeting.

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