Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 in the Spotlight

Picture at the WCAGA 2012 Holiday Party. copyright Tom Meyer
For the WCAGA 2012 was a great year. With continuing activities and events throughout the past year.

THE READING CLUB started off with a meeting in January featuring the artists Louise Nevelson, Helen Frankenthaler, and Kara Walker after the successful exhibition at Alan Avery Gallery. In March they discussed the work and life of Agnes Martin and in April Anne Truitt. The artist for May was Betye Saar. In July they investigate the work and lives of women in Surrealism including Leonora Carrington, Maya Deren, Frida Kahlo, Remedios Varos and more. September Meeting had a look at  "The Creative Habit" by Twyla Tharp. Then  October was selected to review the "The Body Artist" by Don DeLillo. The Reading Club organizers: Vidkie Martin and Maggie Bethel.

The program, ART SHARE, is a forum for members of WCAGA to show their work for the
purpose of gaining feedback and insight, a sort of a critique, and a place to network with other
artists and art professionals. This program met quarterly and moved from the private home or studio setting to the Spruill Center for Arts. This program continues to grow thanks to Kathy Abernathy Meliopoulos.

WCAGA DRAWING MARATHONThis program is designed as a year long project. The participants will be engaged in the drawing process at designated locations on specific dates. You may sign up for more than one session and it is fine to choose different studios each time. As artists you will create work based on your personal concepts and method of working, therefore how you choose to draw, what you choose to draw is ultimately your choice. This is a free program for our members. Non members may be invited to participate in the process.The marathon part of the program happens in two ways.  Working in a space, foreign to one, creates a special dynamic. It is a challenge but it is about more than that. The act of making work in the presence of others creates a shared experience, creates a memory and that can be as enriching as the actual process of drawing. Under the wing of Barb Rehg this program flourishes with more plus minus 30 studio drawing marathons all over Georgia during 2012.

The PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM was held in August 2012. The topic was Social Media for Artists. The following WCAGA members made this workshop possible by sharing their knowledge Vickie Martin, Marilynn Brandenbergur, Anita Stewart, and Helen DeRamus and myself, Corlia Potgieter Kock. Judy Parady our current President was the moderator. 

As For ARTSHOWS during 2012, WCAGA had two Art Exhibitions. The first WCAGA Member Show was  “correcting for drift” at Jim Cherry Learning Resource Center Gallery from February 27 to March 30, 2012. The second is the Visual Poetry Exhibition Dates from December 6, 2012 to January 25, 2013 at the Atlanta Public Library Central. This venue is part of the First Thursday Art Walk. We are thankful to Barb Regh for creating opportunities for the WCAGA. 

WCAGA was part of THE LITTLE RED BOOK. The Little Red Book is a collaborative book of images by WCA artists.  The book will travel around the country this next year to participating chapters and WCAGA will have it from September 21 to October 22.  The individual pieces are restricted to three inches tall by two inches wide and should be no thicker than cover stock weight paper.  While there is not a specific theme, 2012 is the fortieth anniversary of the organization.  When completed, the book will be exhibited at the New York WCA conference in 2013 and auctioned among WCA members.

Several of the WCAGA members was juried into National WCA Art shows and featured on the WCA Website. Within the WCAGA members their are a lot going on with members being part of shows, being represented by Galleries throughout America and members presenting workshops and classes. WCAGA is looking for someone to run the Professional Development Program. All these programs will continue in 2013 and coming up is The RagDoll Project organized by  
The year of 2012 also saw the interactive WCAGA Website came to life. On this site you can view images of current members and there work, see what events is scheduled. And see how to become a member

In 2012 there were some changes to the WCAGA Board and the 2013 board will look like this:

Judy Parady - President
Kate Colpitts - Vice President
Marie Weaver - Secretary
Ann Rowles - Co Treasurer
Vicki Bethel - Co Treasurer
Marjorie Jordan - Membership Chair
Corlia Potgieter Kock - Website/blog
Vicki Martin - Book club
Barbara Rehg - Exhibit Chair
Kathy Meliopoulos - Art Share
Loretta - Paraguassu - Special Projects

The WCAGA end the years happenings with a the Holiday Party at the loft of Callahan McDonough. 

With this formidable year nearly behind us we will say hello to a 2013 with vigor and gratitude.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Apply for Ignite Scholarships for 2013 - Due Dec 17th

Through donations from individuals and funding by the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs, C4 Atlanta is able to offer 20 artist FULL scholarships from January 2013 – June 2013 for Ignite. Scholarship recipients must be City of Atlanta residents or be affiliated with an arts business within the city of Atlanta.

Please complete the following application. Applicants will be selected by merit in addition to need. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applications are due December 17, 2012.


 is an 8-week entrepreneurship training seminar specifically designed for arts professionals. 

Information about class schedule, requirements, etc. can be found on the application. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Let's get to know our members--Ruth Schowalter

Ruth Schowalter lives her life with a spirit of inquiry and “joie de vivre.” This wonderful light radiates in her work and her Blog. She calls herself an Art Pilgrim on a creative journey.(Coffee with Hallelujah) In her work I see intricate designs with bright colors and wonderful lines and shapes. What a joy to look at. Topics in her work vary from Mother Earth to the mysteries of the Burka and Hijab, Myths, Religion and Inner Searching. 

Learn and enjoy with her, the enigma of life, art, language, and Science. Explore the travels of Paleontologist Barbie. She recently did the Illustrations for “The Misadventures of Maria the Hutia” published on July 27, 2012. All this and so much more one can follow on her Blog “Coffee with Hallelujah.” Also see her work on her WCAGA Member Page.

Thank You Ruth Schowalter for taking us on this marvelous pilgrimage.