Sunday, January 1, 2017

Annual Meeting at The Goat Farm Arts Center – December 4, 2016 By Flora Rosefsky

Image by Ruth Schowalter
A gray, cold and rainy Sunday did not dampen the wonderful WCAGA annual meeting at The Goat Farm in Atlanta on December 4th. Approximately 30 members attended, including four new members who joined that afternoon. 

Following visits to the studios of member artists Eleanor Neal, Khalilah Birdsong, and Maggie Davis, those attending shared food and drinks along with an informative program in the Rodriquez Room. Officers and Directors of the WCAGA Board spoke about their responsibilities and welcomed members to get involved in the coming year. All members were encouraged to participate to help implement the initiatives our Georgia chapter hopes to fulfill in 2017 and beyond. Committee updates included Art+Activism, Art Share, Book Club, Communications, Drawing Marathons, Exhibitions, Membership, and an announcement to form a Fund-Raising committee.  All members had the opportunity to introduce themselves by telling us about their particular art medium as well as how they developed their current artistic passion.

In her opening remarks, WCAGA President Sally Eppstein noted she wants to encourage a feeling of inclusiveness so that any members who wish to participate in a committee or to help an elected officer are welcome to offer their assistance.

Vice-President Maggie Davis inspired us with her talk about how WCAGA impacted the arts community in the Atlanta area and beyond, emphasizing that we artists need to support each other, particularly other women artists in our community. Attending art openings is a key example. She reminded us to reach out to promote a greater appreciation for the work of contemporary women artists. Supporting Burnaway, ARTS Atlanta and Art Papers is also important.  Although a lot of progress has been made since the early 1970s when the Feminist movement took on inequality issues in the art world, there is still a lot of work to be done today. 

A special thank you to Kathy Meliopoulos for organizing the delicious refreshments, along with all those who provided them, and to Sally Eppstein for coordinating the annual meeting. It was delightful to see the many prints of members’ work exhibited along one wall, and to have a raffle of artwork donated by several WCAGA members. 

One can say those attending the annual meeting made their own “sunshine,” where we felt the warmth of friendship and the possibilities of what the Women’s Caucus for Art – Georgia can accomplish in what will hopefully be a bright future for our members and other artists in our community.

 – December 4, 2016 By Flora Rosefsky