Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Excerpts from the WCA National's Newsletter---Call for Art.

Sign up for the WCA Summer Board Meeting in Michigan!

manup copy 3Book rooms at the Marriott Dearborn Inn ($119.00 per night).  Call 1-800-228-9290or 1-313-271-2700 and mention "Women's Caucus for Art Meeting." Dearborn Inn is located at 20301 Oakwood Blvd, Dearborn, MI. Reservations must be made by 5:00 pm, Thursday, July 19, 2012 to receive the special rate.

Purchase tickets for art tours and Sunday's luncheon by clicking here or go to

Extended to June 27! Call for Submission for Honoring Women's Rights

Honoring womenThe deadline to submit your work for Honoring Women's Rights: Visual Voices Together has been extended to Wednesday June 27. Show your work in this very important exhibition -- 100 works will be selected by the jurors. For details, and to enter, login here or go

Historically, women played a central role in the struggle for civil rights, yet their voices and experience are generally ignored. We believe their roles should be examined and interpreted. We propose an exhibition to visually interpret this struggle, from a local community to a global level. This exhibition examines the social, political and economic issues related to women's activism. 

And don't miss the amazing Honoring Women's Rights Conference in Salina, CA on September 8!  Buy your conference tickets right now by clicking here

For complete information, go to

Woman + Body: Korean Opportunity

womanbodyThe International Caucus is thrilled to announce its first juried call for exhibition in Korea. Titled Woman + Body, the show explores a range of sexual identification -- female, transgender, and male -- with a contemporary 21st century view. This show is the brainchild of International Caucus Chair Sherri Cornett and Hye-Seong Lee, of Gwangju University. Coinciding with the Gwangju Biennale,Woman + Body will include works by WCA and Korean women artists. Dr. Tanya Augsburg will jury the US artists' works. If you ever wanted to enter an international exhibition, here is your opportunity. The deadline is July 27, and the call is open to WCA members only. More information about this show and the International Caucus can be found by going to

$150 Award for 2014 CAA Panel Idea

Help us submit an interesting panel proposal for the 2014 CAA Conference in Chicago (February 19-22, 2014). The 2014 program includes 4 categories: HIstorical Studies, Contemporary Issues/Studio Art, Educational and Professional Practices, and Open Forms. As an affiliate of CAA, WCA's proposal will be juried by CAA's Annual Conference Committee. Click here for more details from CAA.  If you have an interesting topic, with: the title of the panel, one-paragraph description of the panel, potential panelist, and which of the four categories your proposal fits best. Your suggestions will be acknowledged, if I receive a compelling suggetion, you will win an award of $150. The deadline is July 1, 2012.

$500 Artlines Opportunity

We want you to transform the fall edition of ArtLines into an art zine. Here's an opportunity for a WCA member to create a one-of-a-kind collector's edition art newsletter for WCA. The winner will be paid $500 for her work. The deadline for application is July 1, 2012. To apply, go, click on the Membership tab, then click Grants & Opportunities. Or, click here

$1,500 Curatorial Residency

Have you dreamed of curating a show? WCA is offering a $1,500 curatorial residency that includes a month-long exhibition at San Francisco's Arc Gallery in the summer of 2013. Deadline for applications is September 7, 2012. Click here for details. To apply, go to, click on the Membership tab, then clickGrants & Opportunities. Or, click here.   

Monday, June 25, 2012

Let's get to know our Members--Edna Lorri Shipp

In 2009 Edna Lorri Shipp started a blog to feature her creative activities. Since then she made regular posts of her art work and ideas. Her favorite mediums are watercolors, inks, collage, beads and gourds. Through her work we travel the world with her, from the Czech Republic to Nevada in the USA. From cityscapes to ships sailing on an orange sea or a black musical score. You do not see realism but you see a personal interpretation that charms, enthralls and wins you over to want to see more. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

June Art Share

All of us that had some kind of art education are familiar with the critique session. As a BA Fine Arts student we had session on a weekly basis. It was horrifying and exhausting to me.

 The WCAGA is not like your student critiques although you can get valuable advice and input if needed. With the WCAGA Art Share, information about art, are shared with an open mind. The participants talk about each individual's work with wisdom and discernment without trying to force a direction. It is inspiring to hear people talk about their work with conviction, sensibility and pride. Important to note that if you attend these Artshare you do not have to bring any work or even give any input on happenings and art around you.

One of the issues that came up, were how the "light(artificial or natural) played an important role in viewing art. How subtleties and nuances disappeared in the wrong light. A work can get an "uhm?" from people but pick it up and move under a light and the reaction change to an "ahhh!"

Although there was some confusion as to which room we could get, the organizers at the Spruill Center for the Arts were friendly and helpful and the room we ended in was perfect for our needs.

As is the case with the WCAGA the art varies from realism to abstractions to mixed media to ink scribbles to Charcoal drawings to wax and wire sculpture.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's get to know our Members--Mariah Spann

Being the ninth of eleven children makes for an extraordinary childhood. Mariah Spann grew up with an awareness of those around her and finding happiness in her large family. She is originally form Helena Arkansas but finds herself in Atlanta Georgia now. She used her artistic talent to communicate her wants and views from an early age. She looked up to her older sisters and as they were making art too they inspired her to keep on trying and trying until the pictures turned out the way she wanted them to. 

Mariah Spann received her Master’s degree in Education at Central Michigan University in 2001 and is currently working on her Doctorate at Georgia Southern University. She is a member of Women’s Caucus for Art and the National Art Education Association.  

Artist StatementAs I continue to work in the art field, I realize that being able to do what I enjoy is very important, to have piece of mind and release things of the workday. It is important to have something that ensures that my beingness has been elevated to a level beyond humanism.I believe that art should promote a diversity of experiences, as well as give you the opportunity to enrich your own internal senses. Sometimes art can enhance your social awareness and allow many differences throughout the world in order to show how much we are alike. The Black experience is an important aspect of human development that should be talked about, written about, sung about, and shown, whether through painting, drawing, or sculptures.My work tends to involve the instrumentalist approach, which depicts mainly working class Blacks and explores the environmental aspects of daily life. Mostly, my ideas come from images that introduce family and friends, and sometimes people who are known in the media. My interest in these subjects is mainly created in the realistic approach. Using a variety of mediums allows me to be expressive, whether I am working with two-dimensional or three-dimensional creations.

Please have a look at her Website for more.


Friday, June 8, 2012

UncensoredfromAlpharetta: Paper Dolls -- Hands that rock the cradle rock whe...

UncensoredfromAlpharetta: Paper Dolls -- Hands that rock the cradle rock whe...: Jill Kettles put together "Paper Dolls," the art exhibit that is opening at Defoors Centre this Sunday night, 5-7 p.m. "No one is drawing w...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ArtShare June 13 2012

June- POSTPONED to June 13th, 2012 , 6:45 pm

Sadly, due to the death of Rosemary Williams and her visitation tomorrow night, we are postponing the ArtShare event scheduled for June 6th. The info below regarding services for Rosemary is from Anita Stewarts facebook post.

"Anita Stewart Thanks much. Her visitation is Wed..6- 8 pm. Her funeral is Thurs at 3..All take place at Flannagan's Funearl Home on S Lee St in Buford, There will be a celebration of her life at my ArtsCool immediately following the funeral service..a time to share"

June ArtShare
When: Wednesday June 13th, 2012, 6:45 PM

 Spruill Center for the Arts, Room 4 of the Education Center
5339 Camblee Dunwoody Rd., #B
Dunwoody, GA 30338-4866

(this is NOT the Gallery) google map

Join us for a new take on our usual Art Share format. Instead of presenting our work one artist at a time, this meeting we will lay all of the work out at once. With art displayed on tables and against the walls, we can browse the room to see the work at our own speed. Linger, or move on as desired.
Bring finished work or work-in-progress to share, or a "portfolio" presentation if desired. Also as usual, bring a nibble and a beverage of choice ..... Or just come and enjoy the company. Guests and prospective members are always welcome to join us. 

RSVP Pleaseby email to Susan Ker-Seymer, if are attending or have questions.The program, ART SHARE, is a forum for members of WCAGA to show their work for the purpose of gaining feedback and insight, a sort of a critique, and a place to network with other artists and art professionals. Please email me if you would like to host an ART SHARE, have a suggestion for a venue or format, or would like to be involved in some way.  

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let's get to know our Members--Peery Angelika

Peery Angelika has been a member of the WCAGA since 2005. She has an acute interest in art in all its forms. This interest she feeds by doing classes and mixing with artists on all levels. She was born in Bavaria, Germany. She has a background in Computer Programming and studied at the University of Regensburg. She and her husband currently live in Atlanta Georgia, USA. 
With an analytical outlook on life she creates art that reflects not the language of science but the human drama around us. Her art talks to the base level of every human whether adult or child. She has countless ideas that she works on in her art, whether it is the project "Helena of Troy", or her latest project, "Naked Faces".
"Naked Faces" is a project where the members of the Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia will play a central role. 
According to Peery she has been contemplating Naked Faces for the last 9 months and the birth is imminent. In an email to some of the WCAGA Board Members she writes the following: 

“Dear artists,I have been contemplating my naked faces for 9 month.enough is enough.Voila
I would like to portrait all of you generously inclined members of the WCA.
Technically speaking I will use a digital camera, grey values, in focus and blurry and different angles, straight up in your naked face.I will discuss what photos might be used for the "Naked faces" to be presented to the public.No names attached to the photos, and of course you take your raw photos home.For convenience and comfort I will photograph before and after meetings as in book club, drawing marathon, etc.For those who would like to see my art&studio, we can do kaffeeklatsch with your favorites.I would feel honored to visit and photograph in your studio, for everybody who is perfectly comfortably in front of the camera and would like to share their art.If you don't like photos of your face, I could work out a substitute representative.And if you don't like photographs or me at all, well then....
Sincerely yours Peery”
Please contact Peery by email if you would like to be part of this wonderful project. 

Below is some of Peery's paintings and prints, for more work and details visit her website.