Monday, February 28, 2011

Lets get to know our members - Weekly (Helen DeRamus)

Helen DeRamus created the WCAGA Website.She just finished a workshop “Some Like It Hot” teaching encaustic painting. She is represented by various galleries for instance dk Gallery and Frameworks in Marietta  and Griffith Gallery in Alabama. She is also included in several collections, including Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta and Livingston College at Rutgers University in New Jersey. 
She is currently in the exhibition at dk Gallery called “Romance of the Figure and Nude”, and the exhibition “Brainstorm” in the Upstairs Art Space in Tyron, North Carolina.
Through rearranging images, color, and texture she seeks to create atmospheric work emulating poems and novels that inspire her through out her life. 
Please find more information and contact details in her Website.
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let's get to know our Members - Weekly (Angie Dachs)

Angie Dachs
Angie Dachs is another talented WCAGA member where creativity is a way of life and she uses not only her painting but also her writing as a way to express herself in her blog Creative Palette. She is an avid photographer as you can see in one of our earlier blogs Being serious about art is always fun.

 She is a folk artist that has been involved in the local art world and has been show in several art shows. Her most recent submission is currently up in the Brainstorm Show in North Carolina.

Upcoming Programs and Reminders (Ann Rowles - Program Chair)

Thursday, February  24 at 7 pm
Marina Abramović: "Performance Art and its Future"
2011 deFINE ART Keynote Lecture
SCAD Atlanta, Events Space, fourth floor, Building C
Performance and visual art pioneer and the 2011 deFINE ART honoree Marina
Abramović's lecture follows the trajectory of performance art from the 1970s
to the present. Her presentation poses the following questions: What is the
future of performance art? Can it be re-performed? If so, under what
conditions? Can it be taught and how? Can it be collected? Is it part of our
mainstream culture or not? Free and open to the public, this event is part
of the 2011 deFINE ART program <

Friday night, February 25 at 7 pm
You're Invited!
To a party to benefit the Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance.
Supporting fiber arts and fiber artists, intertwining the fiber arts
community.Refreshments, music, and food provided.

Place:    Callanwolde Fine Arts Center
         980 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta, GA  30306
Date:     Friday, February 25, 2011
Time:     7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
This party is the formal launch of SEFAA's online fundraising campaign
through Crowdrise <> , and the final push to raise
the funds necessary to open the SEFAA Center in July 2011.

We have a number of upcoming WCAGA events and programs in the works!

Opening Reception - I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS IDEA
This exhibit by members of the Women's Caucus for Art of Georgia opens with
a free public reception on March 2 and continues through April 22.
When: Wednesday, March 2 * 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Where: Jim Cherry LRC Gallery, Georgia Perimeter College, 555 North Indian
Creek Drive,   Clarkston, GA

The program, ArtShare, is a forum for members of WCAGA to show their work
for the purpose of gaining feedback and insight, and an opportunity to
network with other artists and art
When: Wednesday, March 23rd, 7:00 pm.
Where: The home and studio of Kathy Meliopoulos, 1886 Fisher Trail ATL
30345, close to the intersection of Clairmont Rd. and Briarcliff Rd.
Please bring: Your finished work or work in progress, an appetizer or
nibble, and a beverage of your choice.
RSVP to Kathy Meliopoulos at  so that we can have an
idea of attendees. If you decide to come at the last minute, that is ok too.
guests and prospective members are welcome to attend.

Opening Reception - Judith Segall: The Supper Party
Judith Segall is the founder of the WCA Central Florida Chapter, Former WCA
Southeastern Regional Vice President, and current Chapters Director on the
WCA National Board.
This is a collaborative installation with participants from WCA Chapters in
Florida, Oregon, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington, DC.
According to AR.CHE.TYPE curator Christopher Hutchinson, "Judith Segall's
Supper Party offers a contemporary critique of gender and masculinity"

March 25, 2011 6:00 -10:30 pm
(On display March 24-26 by appointment)
Where:  AR.CHE.TYPE, #124 659 Auburn Ave, STUDIOPLEX, ATL GA 30312,

And in the works: ARTIST'S TALK, sponsored by WCAGA on Saturday, March 26,
Time to be schedule

Upcoming Programs:  We are in the process of finalizing several programs for
this spring:

1.      Critique by Larry Walker, renowned artist and retired Professor of
Art at Georgia State University.  Members may bring a maximum of 2 works to
be critiqued.  RSVPs will be required as the number of participants is

2.      Interacting with the WCAGA Blog (working title), a workshop with
Corlia Kock.

3.      The National Network,  Southeastern Regional VP and GA chapter
founder Ann Rowles guides members on taking advantage of WCA's opportunities
to exhibit, network, and publicize your work - and having fun at National

Friday, February 18, 2011

A word from Ann Rowles - Founder of WCAGA

Ann Rowles attended the exiting WCA Conference in NYC and came back with exiting ideas. She wrote a letter to the board members and there is a couple of things we can share.

"Dear WCAGA Board, etc.

I was happy to meet new officers of the DC and FL chapters in NYC.  They are excited about collaborating with other SE Chapters in the future for programs, exhibitions, etc.  My plans are to travel to visit these chapters as well as those in Charleston, SC, and Louisiana, which are newer. I would welcome companions on these trips, so let me know if you are interested.  Dates are flexible and to be determined.
As WCAGA Program Chair, I would like to know any programs, exhibitions, or meeting we have currently scheduled.  Please send me any dates you have confirmed!
I would like to schedule a program in the near future where I could present information about National WCA to the membership.  I dont think many of our members realize what opportunities that our membership in National provides!  The buzz at the CAA conference in NYC was the rebirth of WCA!
Check out the above article by Mira Schor on one of the WCA sponsored events!  I was there and met and talked extensively to the two young women featured in the article; they expressed great interest in a Southern Tour  and have invited them to come to Atlanta.  Since Mira is a good buddy of Stuart Horodner at Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, this might actually happen.
I also got to know several of the members of the Young Women’s  Caucus of WCA and have ideas about promoting this caucus to younger women in our area.  YWCA is a caucus within the larger organization like JWAN (the Jewish Womens Art  Network); any member can join it without paying an extra fee.
I would love to meet with all of you, in one large or several small group or individual meetings to talk about the types of programming you are interested in seeing us sponsor or create in the upcoming couple of years...

Ann "

For your Information Ann Rowles fills the Program chair in our local Georgia WCA Chapter and is also the Southeastern Regional Vice President for National WCA.  

Being serious about art is always fun.

 Like millions of artists, poets and other creative types we meet in restaurants to talk about serious WCAGA issues. Thanks to Angie Dachs who captures the First 2011 WCAGA Board Meeting.

Board Meetings are open to all WCAGA Members, so please join us on April 10, 2011. Meeting place to be announced.

The WCA of Georgia is currently looking for a Permanent space to meet, get together and have events. If you know of a place that's available for a reasonable price, please let us know.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brainstorm Postcard

A letter from Barb Rehg - WCA Exhibit Chair Person

Hello to everyone
Just wanted to update you on the NC show Brainstorm.

For those of you who maybe are not aware...
The Atlanta Public Library Show BRAINSTORM  was invited to show in Tryon NC in the Upstairs Artspace Gallery. This place has been around for 34 years. It is a very professional looking space and beautiful, as well.
Linda Hudgins, one of our NC artists coordinated with the gallery and made this possible. 

Feb. 5 the work was delivered. I had to only drop it installation work required by me. They made a great postcard. (included below). I wrote a press release and curator's statement to accompany the show.

We had 4 artists present at the opening reception which was well attended. This community is very engaged with art and they were very interested and asked questions!!!
Artists who attended the opening reception on Saturday:
Helen DeRamus 
Maxine Hess
Linda Hudgins
Barb Rehg

Sunday, Nancy Holmes, the gallery director, arranged for a walk/talk to take place from 2 to 3pm.
This is one of their most successful programs. The beautiful weather actually kept the attendance down from the usual 20 or so to just 8 attending. 

Linda Hudgins, Maxine Hess and myself were present to discuss the work and answer questions about our organization. 
I got to do my favorite about the artists' work who weren't present to answer questions.
The talk was very interactive. Those who attend these walk and talks are very curious and are (thank God) not shy about asking questions about the process or make observations. 

Maxine Hess and Linda Hudgins both gave beautiful recommendations to join our group. Sometimes we forget that we do make an impact on those who encounter our group. I believe we will see some more artists joining from this area. 

Andre Paraguassu's work is the lead in along with Flora's work into the show. His work is the piece you see from the sidewalk.

Nancy Holmes ended our session together with an invitation for our group to come back to show again.
She interested in a photography show (Vickie bethel, Marjorie Jordan and Judy Kuniansky)... a paper show...(Mona's work was of interest.) 

A good experience and so worth the small effort to make it happen. I hope to be able to repeat it next year. 

Here is the postcard

We have another show soon ...I Love This Idea opens March 2 at GPC in the Media center 4th floor Gallery
Hope to see some of you soon

Thanks for your support
barb rehg
Exhibit Chair

Monday, February 14, 2011

Members Weekly - Featuring Ellis Crean

For this week we concentrate on Ellis Curran’s series called “The Votive Wall”. In this series Crean looks at associations with candles. A candle is not just something you can make light. The symbolic associations emit light throughout the ritualistic, spiritual, secular and philosophical. Find more information about this series at the Conrad Wilde Gallery
Crean has active in art in one way or the other since 1980 when she received her Fine Art Diploma in Dublin, Ireland, at the National College of Art and Design. She has been part of various Shows not only in the United States but also in Europe and Ireland. Please have a look at her website  for contact details or more information.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Nexus Award Winner Louis Corrigan

An excerpt from the interview between Evan Levy and the  Nexus award winner, Louis Corrigan:

  "We are all more connected than ever before through cell phones, email, texting, IM, and Facebook, but we’re less connected physically, and have fewer reasons to be, especially in a car culture like Atlanta. Temporary public pieces bring people out of their virtual bubbles and invite them to engage each other and re-create public space."

It is worthwhile to read more at Burnaway

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The WCAGA February Newsletter is out!

You should have received it as an attachment in your email from Kate Colpitts. You can also follow the following link straight to it. It is “chock and block” full of information about classes and art opportunities. 
I want to highlight a couple of topics.
*The Artshare program is on March 23rd at 7pm. The artshare event is an excellent way of getting valuable feedback on your finished work or advice on your unfinished work. Please rsvp to Kathy Meliopoulos with 
*An important issue has come up behind the doors regarding getting a permanent space for the WCAGA to meet, have workshops, classes and even maybe art shows. This will be an important topic at the next Board meeting. All members are welcome. The meeting will take place on Sunday 13 February. Please rsvp to Judy Parady via

Classes and Worshops includes:
“It’s Back! Entrepreneaurship in the Arts” Every Wednesday starting February 23 - March 30. 
“Some like it Hot” Encaustic Workshop. February 26 and February 27.
We the WCAGA is also looking for a communications person to be in charge of the email/ members list. For more information please contact
If you want to contribute anything to the newsletter please send it to Kate Colpitts using

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