Friday, February 18, 2011

A word from Ann Rowles - Founder of WCAGA

Ann Rowles attended the exiting WCA Conference in NYC and came back with exiting ideas. She wrote a letter to the board members and there is a couple of things we can share.

"Dear WCAGA Board, etc.

I was happy to meet new officers of the DC and FL chapters in NYC.  They are excited about collaborating with other SE Chapters in the future for programs, exhibitions, etc.  My plans are to travel to visit these chapters as well as those in Charleston, SC, and Louisiana, which are newer. I would welcome companions on these trips, so let me know if you are interested.  Dates are flexible and to be determined.
As WCAGA Program Chair, I would like to know any programs, exhibitions, or meeting we have currently scheduled.  Please send me any dates you have confirmed!
I would like to schedule a program in the near future where I could present information about National WCA to the membership.  I dont think many of our members realize what opportunities that our membership in National provides!  The buzz at the CAA conference in NYC was the rebirth of WCA!
Check out the above article by Mira Schor on one of the WCA sponsored events!  I was there and met and talked extensively to the two young women featured in the article; they expressed great interest in a Southern Tour  and have invited them to come to Atlanta.  Since Mira is a good buddy of Stuart Horodner at Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, this might actually happen.
I also got to know several of the members of the Young Women’s  Caucus of WCA and have ideas about promoting this caucus to younger women in our area.  YWCA is a caucus within the larger organization like JWAN (the Jewish Womens Art  Network); any member can join it without paying an extra fee.
I would love to meet with all of you, in one large or several small group or individual meetings to talk about the types of programming you are interested in seeing us sponsor or create in the upcoming couple of years...

Ann "

For your Information Ann Rowles fills the Program chair in our local Georgia WCA Chapter and is also the Southeastern Regional Vice President for National WCA.  

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  1. Thank You Ann for sharing. Wish I could have been there.