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Let's get to know our members - weekly (Patricia Hetzler)

In Memory of Patricia Hetzler

Patricia Hetzler had to stop doing her abstract expressionist paintings, because she was severely allergic to solvent, but this was not the end of her art career but instead the beginning of an exiting new direction. She left her abstract Expressionism behind and start doing mixed media, collages and assemblages.  

Her love for the Renaissance Art is reflected in her series “A Woman Of Substance” With this series she examines the place of women in art and society. 

In her Botanical Series she express her love for nature and life itself. She says: “I want my work to be life-affirming and to reflect the beauty that surrounds us.” 

Hetzler was part of numerous shows in the United States and was included in various traveling International shows as well. She received a grant for Individual Artist from the Georgia Council for the Arts in 1996. She has also been published in several magazines and newspapers as well as the Fiber Arts Design Books I and II. 
Please visit her website
Written by Corlia

Friday, April 22, 2011

From Conception: Art in Process. An Article By Flora Rosefsky.

Exhibition with pARTicular group of women 
Atlanta Central Public Library – April 3-29,2011
WCA-GA members Vicki Bethel, Marilynn Brandenburger, Gillian Gussack, Flora Rosefsky and Mona Waterhouse along with a retrospective of former member Patricia  Hetzler, revealed how artists develop their ideas in a unique exhibition at the Atlanta Central Public Library’s gallery in downtown Atlanta April 3-April 29, 2011. Tracking the creation of a new work of art from conception to completion, viewers embraced the process by reading excerpts from journals, looking at working drawings and sketches to seeing the finished work.  Other pARTicular women artists who participated in the Conception show included Nancy Albertson, Serey Andree,  Cary Cleaver, Debra Lynn Gold, and Alicia Griswold.
 Artist statements, a  writing process  that in itself can be challenging to those who create visual art, when asked to put into words the meaning behind one’s actual work, help point the viewer to the exhibition’s  conception theme.  Before reading a title, wall text or listening to an explanation about the work it is probably a good idea to look first at the finished work. However, it seems that many viewers also appreciate hearing the artist’s voice along with their own personal interpretations. 
In the voices of the artists, following are some artist statement excerpts relating to this exhibition’s  theme of “conception and process”. 
Vicki Bethel , who in her life  moved from one town to another more than 40 times, loves maps, “papers with a past, papers imbued with their own history.”  It was maps that helped Bethel “ understand some realities. Where are we? Where are we going? How do we get there? They also jump-started imagination, hopes, dreams, yearnings, and memories.” 
Marilynn Brandenburger creates paintings of interiors and landscapes in transparent and opaque watercolor and acrylic gouache. The focus of her work is light and space: "My goal is to create 'structured spaces' in which forms are illuminated in such a way that they convey a sense of calm and order to the viewer." Brandenburg’s  recent  Midwest artist residencies in Illinois doing the “Fields Project” seems to refresh and reinforce the beauty and peaceful power of her work.  
Gillian “Gus” Gussack who has worked with fiber, drawing and clay now works in metalsmithing, a process she says is “more spontaneous than other mediums.” Where instead of waiting for a “vision to come into focus” before starting a work, Gussack feels “happiest just cutting a shape from metal, annealing it to make it more malleable and then raising a form using hammers and stakes.”  She loves to see how her pieces, like her necklaces, change with each blow of plastic against metal, where the “exploratory method” that she particularly enjoys becomes an integral component of her new work.
An artist whose personal memories often become inspiration for her work, Flora Rosefsky  cut up specific newspaper headlines to convey a message about the chaotic outside world. Displayed as part of her artist’s wall were original sketches of figures that later became permanent pen drawings on a grid-like pattern of a vintage tablecloth. “That kind of experimentation or taking a chance is important to any artist – to take the risk of failure is part of the creative process.” 
“Journals where I sketch, write down ideas and thoughts and a camera that records my observations” are Mona Waterhouse’s most important research tools. Along with her own research and experimentation, Waterhouse gives credit to the numerous museum visits, reading “all kinds of literature about art and fiction” to help her “grow as an artist and human being.” Noted for her hand-made paper and fiber work related to themes of nature, this exhibition featured a new “off loom” process where she looks at the Intricate workings of the human brain…where the work, although sculptural, are “drawings in space.” 
Former WCA-GA member Patricia Hetzler, who died in 2010, had several of her collage and painted furniture pieces  as a retrospective component of this exhibition with work borrowed from several collectors that included family and friends. In her own words where she finds that the “journey is more important than the completed work,” Hetzler wanted her work to be beautiful and to “speak to the spirit.”  She often said that “I don’t fully know what my work means until some significant amount of time has passed. Then, upon revisiting it, I am often amazed at what it says about my spiritual journey in this life.” 
To learn more about PWA artists and their work, www.particularwomen.org

Written By Flora Rosefsky

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Larry Walker Artshare An Article by Flora Rosefsky

GA State University Professor of Art -Critique & Discussion
Sycamore Place Gallery & Studios – Decatur, GA – April 12, 2011

24 hours. The time it took ten members to answer an Email about signing up for an “Art Share with GA State University art professor, Larry Walker, who would conduct ten minute critiques . Seven more members formed a waiting list while several other members signed up to be “observers”. This unprecedented strong response manifested the high interest for this type of WCA-GA program. Larry Walker, a well respected artist and teacher in the Atlanta community, first spoke about the importance of a “dialogue generated when you work…based on lines, rhythmns, shapes, colors that you’ve learned over the years. The dialogue continues.” When left alone, he reminded us how “you sign your name, you walk away – it’s your completed piece and the piece has made a statement”. Walker emphasized how the work can start to “talk to the viewer – it has its own sense of life – come and listen. Respond to me with new dialogue.” He feels one doesn’t need the author or artist. He admitted that his comments would be “his reaction” to the work which may “trigger an idea”, perhaps giving those whose work was being critiqued something to think about.
All the members and a few guests at the Art Share agreed that Professor Walker’s comments offered thought provoking comments whether or not one’s work was being critiqued. Each artist being critiqued put up two works on one of Sycamore Place Gallery’s white empty walls where Walker took the first few minutes to closely examine the work; in some cases you could see the professor of art carefully looking meticulously at brush strokes or how a particular color repeated or did not repeat itself. It was almost as if Walker brought along a personal magnifying glass to help him make his astute observations.
Shape identity, a sense of rhythm and movement, lines under the surface, expanding a color range, moving around in and out of space, gestures and brushstrokes, increasing scale, figurative elements that may need more form, when to and not to repeat colors or lines, skilled drawing – but do something more with it… a sampling of Walker’s points that he made during the critique process . Being the experienced teacher, he encouraged artists to go in “good directions” while at the same time to be critical when needed, offering suggestions for change or to think about one’s work with a new perspective. Artists need to talk to each other, to continue this type of critical dialogue in their own studios or places beyond the formal critique session.
In a Q& A following the formal part of the critique session, Walker made a point about not caring much about the message, a title, or what the artist had in mind when creating the work – as the art itself had to stand on its own first as a work of art. Words or commentary are secondary. He admitted that in today’s world of museums, galleries, and exhibitions that artist statements, wall text, and museum show headsets often distract what viewers need to see for themselves .  Does the text cut off the dialogue? Maybe.  In my opinion, as a compromise, perhaps the viewer needs to start the dialogue in examining the work before reading the wall text or statements.  Both interpretations can be correct as each person brings their own experience to what they see. 
The popular WCA-GA Art Share program, coordinated by Susan Ker-Seymer, is one educational benefit to members and the community.  Future art shares may invite more outside reviewers representing other visual art disciplines to share their expertise. For more information about the Art Share program and the Women’s Caucus for Art – GA chapter, www.wcaga.org

Written By Flora Rosefsky

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let's get to know our members' weekly. (Maxine Hess)

Maxine Hess

Maxine Hess examines Transformation through her art. Her muses are Women and Nature. In nature what intrigue her most is trees and sea fans. In women specifically the way they can flow from one complex state to another to survive and flourish. She compares women to trees and sea fans saying that: "we(women) are fluid in motion like sea fans in the ocean and trees in the wind but grounded”(artist website).
She has a wide base of education starting at the Boston University’s School of Fine and Applied Arts going on to the Atlanta College of Art and the Savannah College of Art & Design. She studied with various experts including Arthur Hoener, Murray Reich And Norman Wagner and our own Helen DeRamus. 
Her beautiful art is included in several shows and she won several awards the last but not the least the First place award in the WCA of San Diego Juried Online Exhibition - "Manipulated". Prepared to be inspired when you look at her website.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Critique With Larry Walker (Feedback)

Larry Walker

The Critique with Larry Walker was a huge hit. Here is some of the thoughts it provoked from those who attended. 
“I learned so much...I was so keyed up that I didn't fall asleep until 2or 3 am. I was trying to remember points made, thoughts expressed and stories he told to illustrate his points. “ (Barbara Regh)
“It was a wonderful evening, and I think we all learned a great deal... Verbal expression, after all, was what happened in the critique process. Our words are, an important element whether we choose to emphasize that side or not. I also want to offer my thanks to everyone who made this possible. We are the richer for having been there, and        it was particularly generous of Larry to give us his time.” (Loretta Paraguassu)

“I got tons of insight from last night's critique, and I did not even have work to show! Speaking of that, I am glad to see everyone thinking about a future guest critique. In listening to Mr. Walker speak about the 2 dimensional art I realized the advantages of hearing an artist speak credibly about a medium for which they are familiar.” (Judy Parady)
“What a thoughtful and Articulate man. It was great” (Kate Colpitts)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Let's get to know our members - weekly (Kym Hepworth)

With an obsession with mourning art, gender themes, Romanticism, Gothic Literature and late nineteenth century art, Kym Hepworth  create art work that tells of loss and grief. She uses material that were traditionally associated with the house and women bit of course use it in a modern or post modern way to create dark, sentimental fetish images. 

She received her BFA in Painting from Moore College of Art and Design and her MFA in Painting from Savannah College of Art. She has been part of several solo and group show nationally and internationally. These include show at the China Art Exposition in Beijing, China, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Atlanta, GA and The Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, IL. She won several awards and articles about her art have been published regularly since 1994.

(edited by CORLIA)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Member's Happenings for March

Artists: Vicki Bethel, Patricia Bohannon, Marilynn Brandenburger, Jeannine Cook, Angie Dachs, Helen DeRamus, Sally Wansboro Eppstein, Betty Handmacher, Maxine Hess, Kym Hepworth, Dory Ingram, Jane Jaskevich, Thelma Johnson, Marjorie Jordan, Susan Ker Seymer, Corlia Kock, Val Koonce, Kate Lehman Landishaw, Chris Lewis, Kathy Meliopoulos, Lynne Moody, Barb Rehg, Ann Rhodes, Ann Rowles, Marjett Schille, Nancy Stein, Aviva Stern, Anita Stewart, Virginia Tyler, Claudia Wilburn,
Stella Wissner
Show Title: I Love This Idea
Location: Georgia Perimeter College, Jim Cherry Learning Resource Center Gallery
Address: 555 North Indian Creek Drive
                Clarkston, GA 30021
Phone Number: 678.891.3556
Opening Reception: March 2, 6 to 8PM
Show Dates: February 28 to April 22, 2011
Hours:   Mon-Thurs 8 a.m.-9 p.m.
          Fri  8 a.m.-4.30 p.m.
          Sat 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Artist:  Jeannine Cook, Ann Rowles, Vicki Bethel
Show Title:      Brainstorm: Opening Minds, Embracing Change
Location:        Upstairs Artspace
Address:   49 South Trade Street
                Tyron, NC 28782
Phone Number:     828.859.2828
Show Dates:        February 11th-March 26th, 2011
Hours:                 Tues-Sat. 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
Artist:   Vicki BethelArtist Website:  www.vickibethel.com
Show Title:   In Celebration of March, International Women's Month
Location:   Paint in the Pods, Westin Hotel (www.sundialrestaurant.com)
Address:   210 Peachtree Street Northwest, Atlanta, Ga.  30303
Phone Number:   404-589-7506
Opening/Closing Reception:   March 9, 7 to 9 pm
Show Dates:    March 3 - May 31, 2011
Hours:   10am to 11pm daily
Artist: Jeanine Cook
Show Title:      Salon des Refus├ęs
Location:        Pen & Brush
Address:         16 E 10th Street, New York,  NY 10003
Phone Number:     212.475.3669
Opening/Closing Reception:     March 3rd, 4-7 p.m.
Artist’s Talk/Book Signing:      
Show Dates:         March 3rd-27th, 2011
Hours:                  Thurs-Fri 4 - 7 p.m.
                            Sat-Sun 1 - 5 p.m.
Show Title:      Transformation
Location:        On line at the website of San Diego chapter of WCA
Show Dates:   Feb. 20th - March 31st, 2011
Artist:    Marlene Puca and Mary Frances Artist Website:   www.artintheclouds.net
Show Title:     Welcome SpringLocation:   Starbucks
Address:   506 Moreland Avenue, Atlanta 30307
Phone Number:   404 230-9085
Show Dates:  March 2011
Hours:   Retail Hours
Artist:  Maxine Hess Artist Website:  http://www.maxhessstudio.com
Show Title: Women’s Works 2011Location:  Old Court House Arts Center
Address: 101 N. Johnson St., Woodstock, IL 60098
Phone Number: 815-338-4525 
Opening Reception Saturday, March 12, 2011, 6:00-9:00 PM
Show Dates: March 1 – April 30, 2011
Hours: Thursday – Saturday, 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Artist:  Kathy Meliopoulos
Artist Website:  www.kmfigureart.net
Show Title:  Introductions (group show)
Location:  the Seen Gallery
Address:  415 Church St., Decatur, GA 30030
Phone Number:  4094-377-0733
Opening Reception: Saturday, Feb. 26, 7-10 pm
Show Dates: Feb. 26 - Mar. 26, 2011
Artist: Jane Allen Nodine
Artist Website: www.janenodine.com
Show Title: 6th Annual Encaustic Invitational
Location: Conrad Wilde Gallery
Address: Tucson, AZ
Opening/Closing Reception: Reception: March 5th, 6 – 9 PM
Artist’s Talk/Book Signing:
Show Dates: March 5 – 26, 2011
Show Title: Fire and Earth: The Works of Warner Hyde and Jane Allen Nodine
Location: Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery, Coastal Carolina University
Address: Conway, SC
Show Dates:  March 10 – April 8, 2011
Hours:  Reception: March 10th, 4:30 – 6:30 PM
Artist:   Mary O'Horo Spruill Website: www.spruillgallery.blogspot.com
Show Title: AlignLocation:    Spruill Gallery
Address:  4681 Ashford Dunwoody Road
Phone Number:  770 394 4019
Opening Reception: February 4
Artist’s Talk:   Saturday March 5, 12-1:00pm
Show Dates:   February 4  - March 19
Hours:  Wednesday - Saturday 11:00 - 5:00
Artist: Anita StewartArtist Website: www.anitasartscool.com
Show Title: UnWrapped  (Solo show)
Location:Georgia Perimeter College Dunwoody Campus
Address:2101 Womack Road ,Dunwoody ,GA 30338
Phone Number: 678-891-3556
Opening/Closing Reception: Closing Reception March 23 ..  5- 7 pm
Show Dates: January 10- March 25
Hours: Mon-Thu  8 am- 9 pm, Fri 8am - 4:30 pm, Sat 10am- 2 pm, Sun 2pm-6 pm
SPECIAL EVENT -- WCA Members from across the U.S.
Opening Reception - Judith Segall: The Supper Party
Judith Segall is the founder of the WCA Central Florida Chapter, Former WCA
Southeastern Regional Vice President, and current Chapters Director on the
WCA National Board.
This is a collaborative installation with participants from WCA Chapters in
Florida, Oregon, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington, DC.
According to AR.CHE.TYPE curator Christopher Hutchinson, "Judith Segall's
Supper Party offers a contemporary critique of gender and masculinity"
When: March 25, 2011 6:00 -10:30 pm (On display March 24-26 by appointment)
Where:  AR.CHE.TYPE, #124 659 Auburn Ave, STUDIOPLEX, ATL GA 30312,
ARTIST'S TALK, sponsored by WCAGA on Saturday, March 26,
Time to be scheduled

WCAGA April Newsletter

The April Newsletter is here, please have a look at it on the WCA Webiste

The highlight of April is the SPECIAL Artshare in the form of an Art Critique by Larry Walker!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sunday April 10
Eagles Nest meeting room
Manuel's Tavern
602 N Highland Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307

All members are welcome to attend the WCAGA board meetings.

We are meeting this Sunday afternoon at Manuel's Tavern to advance current projects and topics.
Also, founder and past president- Ann Rowles will share her experiences with WCA.
Learn the advantages of being a member of a national organization including exhibition, and granting opportunities.
Ann will take us on a tour of the WCA website - see what you might be missing.
hope to see you there.