Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's get to know our members - weekly (Patricia Hetzler)

In Memory of Patricia Hetzler

Patricia Hetzler had to stop doing her abstract expressionist paintings, because she was severely allergic to solvent, but this was not the end of her art career but instead the beginning of an exiting new direction. She left her abstract Expressionism behind and start doing mixed media, collages and assemblages.  

Her love for the Renaissance Art is reflected in her series “A Woman Of Substance” With this series she examines the place of women in art and society. 

In her Botanical Series she express her love for nature and life itself. She says: “I want my work to be life-affirming and to reflect the beauty that surrounds us.” 

Hetzler was part of numerous shows in the United States and was included in various traveling International shows as well. She received a grant for Individual Artist from the Georgia Council for the Arts in 1996. She has also been published in several magazines and newspapers as well as the Fiber Arts Design Books I and II. 
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Written by Corlia

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