Monday, April 18, 2011

Critique With Larry Walker (Feedback)

Larry Walker

The Critique with Larry Walker was a huge hit. Here is some of the thoughts it provoked from those who attended. 
“I learned so much...I was so keyed up that I didn't fall asleep until 2or 3 am. I was trying to remember points made, thoughts expressed and stories he told to illustrate his points. “ (Barbara Regh)
“It was a wonderful evening, and I think we all learned a great deal... Verbal expression, after all, was what happened in the critique process. Our words are, an important element whether we choose to emphasize that side or not. I also want to offer my thanks to everyone who made this possible. We are the richer for having been there, and        it was particularly generous of Larry to give us his time.” (Loretta Paraguassu)

“I got tons of insight from last night's critique, and I did not even have work to show! Speaking of that, I am glad to see everyone thinking about a future guest critique. In listening to Mr. Walker speak about the 2 dimensional art I realized the advantages of hearing an artist speak credibly about a medium for which they are familiar.” (Judy Parady)
“What a thoughtful and Articulate man. It was great” (Kate Colpitts)

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