Monday, September 1, 2014

Interview with Artist Gwen Gunter

1. Who are you and what do you do, and what is your background?

I am Gwen Gunter and I am primarily an abstract painter at this point in my career.  I have been a graphic designer, photographer, product designer and manufacturer of functional art items for the gift, home d├ęcor and apparel industries.  This has included such diverse activities as designing paint by number kits, commercial sign painting, licensing my art for posters, note cards and fine art publishing. All of these endeavors have provided outlets for creative expression and contributed to my overall aesthetic.

2. What's integral to your art and or art career?

I think what has been most integral to my career has been dogged persistenceI have refused to give up on what I believe to be my reason for being here.

3. What themes do you pursue and what medium do you use?

My themes always seem to revolve around the personal narratives that make up everyday life. Whether it is the layers of memory or commentary on present situations, the many layers of existence are always there, some revealed and some completely hidden in the painting process. I use acrylic on wood primarily, but also mixed media from time to time.

4. What makes you angry, what makes you happy?

What makes me angry is the emphasis on “hopeless” worldwide conditions that we are bombarded with through the media daily. I feel there is always hope for transformation no matter what the circumstances happen to look like on the surface and redirecting our focus to what is good and enduring and the highest in each of us can bring about that change. Knowing that makes me happy.

5. Who and what inspire you in your work and or in your life in general?

In my work I am inspired by all the artists I know who make quality inspired work and keep at it even when it is unrecognized and unrewarded.
In my life I am inspired by so many wonderful teachers: Eckhart Tolle, Steven Pressfield, Marianne Williamson, Emmet Fox, Michael Neill.

6. What superpower would you want?

I think I’ll stick with what I have, probably couldn’t handle the pressure of more!

7. What is your favorite artists and or other person

Wow, this is hard to answer, there are so many!  Artists I admire are Richard Diebenkorn, Nicolas de Stael, Brian Rutenberg, Franz Kline, Ad Reinhardt, Ben Nicholson, Lance Letscher, Robert Rauchenberg, Sammy Peters, Ciao Fonseca

8. What advice would you give to other artists?

 I would advise developing a very tough skin to protect the precious gift you’ve been given.  It will be up to you to hold your vision and keep joyfully creating to let the “muse” know you are serious about this calling.
And I would strongly suggest reading (and rereading) two books by Steven Pressfield:
The War of Art and Turning Pro.

9. Contact details if any?

"My Story, Your Story" by Gwen Gunter
"All are invited" by Gwen Gunter
"Alternate Universes 2" by Gwen Gunter