Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Exhibit Opportunity for September 2013---MORE--Brenau University

A WCAGA Juried Members’ Exhibit
Exhibition Dates: September 17 to December 15, 2013
Where: Sellars Gallery Brenau University
Gainesville GA
Application Form available on the WCAGA Opportunities Page

We often see something disturbing, something beautiful or even something ordinary that in our mind’s eye becomes compelling, richer or ‘more’ than it is for others. We create work in response to the intensity of our reaction. For whatever reason, the image has become something in the artist’s mind that is laden with layers of content. This ‘something’, that is noticed by the artist, is as much about their perception of the world as the work that is created in response to what they saw or experienced. It is in effect ‘more’.
In bringing together work from many artists, recognition for another kind of creation happens when a juror or curator chooses work and installs it in such a way that the individual pieces are enhanced and the viewer is given ‘more’.
This WCAGA Juried Member show will be a multi media exhibit showing 2D and 3D works chosen by Susan Bridges, who will bring her own esthetic to the choice of artists concepts, subject matter or media.
As part of the exhibit, WCAGA will schedule an artist talk for the night of the opening reception, focusing on choice of materials...its relationship to the concept, its importance to the artist and its qualities and method of application.

Juror Susan Bridges
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Currently Owner / Director at whitespace gallery
whitespace is a contemporary commercial art gallery located in a converted 1893 carriage house in the historic neighborhood of Inman Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Named Critic’s Pick for Best Gallery 2010 by Creative Loafing Atlanta, whitespace provides an opportunity for both emerging and mid-career artists toshowcase their works. Owner / Director Susan Bridges founded the gallery in 2006, in order to encourage open expression and to promote original, unconventional projects. She currently represents an eclectic mix of original contemporary art, sculpture and photography by local, national and international artists.
In addition to directing whitespace, Bridges is currently focusing her attention on i45 Collective, a group of Inman Park, Old 4th Ward and Little 5 Points galleries and the newly created Flux Projects, a non-profit benefiting public art projects. Susan is a current board member of BURNAWAY, an online magazine dedicated to the visual arts and Flux Projects.
Curating, Artist Representation, Design Services

Application Deadline: August 3, 2013
Image Notification: August 15, 2013 Installation: September 14 and 15 (if necessary)
Deliver work: Saturday, September 14th from 9:30 to 11:00am
Or: Contact Barb Rehg to leave work at her studio or with another artists
who can deliver for you.
Opening Reception: September 19, 2013 Take Down: December 15 - 11:00am ...
Or: Contact Barb Rehg to have the work taken back to her studio to be picked up at a later date or make arrangements to have another artist pick up for you.

General Information
This juried exhibit is open to all and only WCAGA members in good standing. Work accepted must remain on view for the entire exhibition.
NOTE: Some images or parts of images may be used for the invitation. If you Do Not wish us to use your image, please indicate this in your submission.

Entry & Fee
FOR THIS PARTICULAR EXHIBIT WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR AN APPLICATION FEE. However, if you are one of the artists chosen to exhibit we will be asking for a juror, installation and reception fee, not to exceed $40.

Images Submission
Send up to five images by email to The image resolution should be 300dpi. And no larger than 1megabyte. Only the artwork should be visible, no background, frames etc. Label each image file as follows: number. title, initials. jpg, for example, The number should correspond to the application. This is a blind application process. Artists will be asked to provide Artist statement and artlist corresponding to image entries as the juror may wish for further information.

All two dimensional work must be framed and properly equipped for hanging. Maximum size – 72” wide. Ceilings are high and large work is possible. Assemblage and installation is possible but needs to have detailed instructions regarding how it would work in the space. It would be best to assume you should be present to install. Work can be suspended via runners in the ceiling but be aware that it does not hold heavy weight.

Submitting an entry form constitutes an agreement on the part of the artist with all the conditions in the prospectus.

Delivery & Return of Work
The artist is responsible for making arrangements for delivery to and pickup from the gallery. If your work will be shipped from out of town please make arrangement with a WCAGA member to receive the work. You will be responsible for the method of return if mailing the work back is required.
I can accept work at my studio.
Barb Rehg
407 Creekview Trail SE Smyrna GA 30082

Brenau Application for is available on the WCAGA Opportunities Page

Sunday, June 9, 2013

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS 2013/2014 Working Artist Project

2013/2014 Working Artist Project 

DEADLINE for submissions:
Sunday, June 30, 2013
@ 11:30pm

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia (MOCA GA) is pleased to announce the call for submissions for MOCA GA's 2013/14 Working Artist Project (WAP). As with past years, a guest juror will review all submissions and select three (3) of the best and brightest visual artists from the metropolitan Atlanta area to receive the project award. WAP is a fellowship program to support established visual artists of merit who reside in the metropolitan Atlanta area.  This initiative provides an unparalleled level of support for individual artists, expands the Museum's mission, and promotes Atlanta as a city where artists can live, work, and thrive. MOCA GA supports artists by granting a major stipend to create new work; by presenting a solo exhibition of the new work; by producing an accompanying exhibition catalogue; and by providing a paid studio apprentice over the course of one year.  WAP is supported by a grant from The Charles Loridans Foundation.


Click here  to go to the MOCA GA website for details about the application process, and about artist eligibility and requirements. Please read all details carefully as there are new submission requirements.

This year, Franklin Sirmans, the Terri and Michael Smooke Department Head and Curator of Contemporary Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), will be serving as juror for the upcoming round of artists' submissions.

From 2006 to 2010, Sirmans was the Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at The Menil Collection in Houston, TX, where he organized exhibitions including NeoHooDoo: Art for a Forgotten Faith, Maurizio Cattelan: Is There Life Before Death, Steve Wolfe: On Paper and Vija Celmins: Television and Disaster, 1964-66.   The latter two traveled to LACMA, where Sirmans has also organized the museum's presentation of Ai Weiwei's Circle of Animals, Color and Form, Robert Therrien and Ends and Exits: Contemporary Art from the Collection of LACMA and the Broad Art Foundation.  He also coorganized the exhibition Human Nature: Contemporary Art from the Collection.  Sirmans was the 2007 recipient of the David C. Driskell Prize awarded by the High Museum of Art, Atlanta. He has written extensively for catalogues and articles and reviews in publications such as The New York Times, Time Out New York, Essence, Parkett and Grand Street.  He is the artistic director of Prospect.3 New Orleans

Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 2013 Interview with Artist/Photographer, Fennel Blythe

Chaos and Order I, Ink, Salt, Water. 27" x 40" Blythe

1.Who are you and what do you do, and what is your background?
I was born in north Alabama and grew up on a beautiful farm.  I spent my childhood days riding horses, chopping cotton, looking for arrowheads, and working in the garden.  It was a really incredible way to grow up.  The farm has many acres of row crops, of course, but it is also interspersed with many wooded areas.  I spent many hours in those woods as well and this is where I developed the deep sense of love and fascination that I have with nature.  I ended up with a Master’s degree in biology later on and worked in various areas of science as a result.  I also traveled and lived all over the country in a constant quest for adventure.   I have also traveled to a few other countries and lived in Fiji while serving in the Peace Corps.  I have, however, ended up back on the farm.  I work there three days a week and spend the rest of my time at my home on Lookout Mountain in Georgia.  I still seek adventure and am always pushing myself to do and master new things.  My current passion, aside from art, is stand up paddle boarding.  I crave time on the water and as I paddle I continuously take in new stimuli that fuel my imagination for new work.

Untitled, 22"x30" Blythe
2.What's integral to your art and or art career?
Nature is the center of my world and is the most important aspect in my creative expression.

3.What themes do you pursue and what medium do you use.
My work is non-representational or abstract but always has nature as an underlying theme.  I allow the energy that surrounds and permeates us to drive the imagery that I create on paper.  I have developed a method of using ink and salt and water to produce these images.  I also paint in oil but have found the ink, salt, water method to be most conducive to the type of expression I wish to portray in two dimensions.  For me, it is fast and changes quickly.  The salt also has a fascinating and mysterious effect on the ink through pattern, color, and crystallization.  The imagery that is produced is not a literal interpretation of nature but rather something that speaks to the viewer on an individual basis.  Each person tends to see something different in it that relates to that person’s particular life experience.  This aspect of my work brings me a lot of satisfaction and joy.
Mesa Penistaja Badlands, New Mexico 
f/5.6, 1/800, ISO 100, 24mm focal length

4.What makes you angry, what makes you happy?
I have been working a lot on not letting anything make me angry so I will say that nothing makes me angry.  Many things make me happy from the simplest note in a bird’s call to the dramatic impact of a sunset.  As for most artists I think, visual stimuli tend to affect me deeply.  The exquisite complexity and beauty that I see in all natural patterns, forms, and energy tend to make me very happy.  My paddle board also makes me very happy as do the wonderful friends and family that I am so blessed to have in my life.

5.Who and what inspire you in your work and or in your life in general?
Nature is the greatest inspiration in my work and life.  However, I am also inspired by a wide range of artistic expression, from the ancient pyramids of Egypt and ruins throughout Central and South America to the abstract work of modern artists such as Picasso and Miro.

6.What superpower would you want?
Teleportation.  I love to travel and am constantly craving new and fascinating stimuli that affect all of my senses.

7.What is your favorite artists and or other person?
Picasso, Joan Miro, and Roberto Matta are some of my favorite modern painters.  Andy Goldsworthy’s ephemeral natural art also deeply affects and inspires me.

8.What advice would you give to other artists.
Develop your own unique expression and style.  Graciously accept constructive criticism and develop this ability within yourself.  Focus exclusively on your expression and do not try and make art that you feel will fit in, be accepted, and sell.  It is a wondrous thing to sell your art but this, to me, should be something that comes naturally.  A pure expression that never sells is much more desirable to me than one that was created to please other people’s ideas of art and beauty.  Purity in art is what I am striving for and it is what I most admire in other artists’ work.  

9.Contact details if any?

I can be contacted by email at, through my website,, or through my Facebook page, Fennel Blythe, Artist.