Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Let's get to know our Members--Connie Lyon

Connie Lyon's work engage you with the use of windows, interesting use of figures and the abstraction of landscapes. One can definitely see the influence of Richard Diebenkorn and Pierre Bonnard in her art. The two artists that inspire her most.  An eye for detail and beautiful compositions.

On her art she says:
When I look at my art I see interiors, still life, landscape and the figure. For most of my career my mediums of choice have been pastels and oils. My work often includes windows and one subject that has been of continuing interest to me has been the effects of light on clear and colored glass. I never seem to tire of trying to capture this. My work in mixed media and collage is very different than my work in pastel and oil. It tends to be abstract and is often darker in color than my light filled oils and pastels. I am presently experimenting with encaustics, acrylics and watercolor. I am looking forward to developing new techniques using these new, to me, media.

See more of her work at Connie Lyon Studio.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

How to: create an event on

If you are a member of the WCAGA(Women's Caucus for Art Of Georgia) you can sign up on
One of the advantages of this site is that you can upload your images. Another one is that you can create events for all your shows and or workshops.

Click on EVENTS. This will take you to the Events page. Here you can add events by click on the "+ ADD" on the right hand side.

Click on + ADD will take you to the event form.
You can personalized your event with a image, This you will be able to upload when clicking on the camera image.

After you have filled in this form, click "add event" and the bottom of the page. Then you will have the Option to share this event and invite people.

If you are not a member of the WCAGA, you can click here, download the membership form, fill in and mail with payment to WCAGA and send to Post Office Box 8033, Atlanta, GA 31106.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let's get to know our Members--Judith Kruger

Judith Kruger finds inspiration from ancient traditions using esoteric and alchemical methods and ideas. She looks deeply into the structure of everything to find that what is contradictory and unseen. 

My masters are the artisans of distant cultures who have time-honed arcane, alchemic painting processes, often employing natural resources.

My studio is an eco-lab. I respond deeply, on a sub-surface level, to human-environment connection by digging, grinding, boiling, mixing, concocting, scraping, photographing, printing and layering. The juxtaposition of disparate, viscous matter, as an amalgam of mingled macro and micro particles, communicates a new fertile language for abstract painting during a time when our essence and ecology, as one, matter.

She has bodies of work that examines extensively the connection between all in the universe. The seemingly unconnectedness that make up all life. Below are three examples namely Painting/Drawing, Nihonga, and Constructs/Collage. Other groups of art fall under Particles, Monoprints, Photo Paintings, Seeking Peace, and 0x0=0 Hiroshima 2007.

Layers and layers of paint and mixed media.

In this series she follows the art form of Nihonga, a Japanese art direction.

Here she uses contrasting media and combine them in a suitable composition.

She contact details, and more art by going to Judith Kruger's website.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The WCAGA Book Club--Next on the Reading List

The previous Meeting was held at the house of Vickie Martin. "The Creative Habit" by Twyla Tharp was the book of the meeting. 

The next Book Club Meeting will be on October 28 at 3 pm. Contact Vickie Martin( for details on place and time. The book on the table for discussion is "The Body Artist" by Don DeLillo. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Yvonne Wilhelmi, Collage and Abstract artist.

The Escape, Mixed Media Collage
 (Acrylics, Paper, self created digital art papers)
 on self prepared Paper, 22.86 cm x 30.46 cm,
 Portfolio #781, © Yvonne Wilhelmi, 2007

Just like Wassily Kandinsky, Yvonne Wilhelmi uses individual geometrical elements in her work. In her work reminiscent of Kadinsky the use of color, line and form are important. 

Ivonne Wilhelmi photomontage
A Degree of Uncertainty II,
 Mixed Media Collage (Paper, Acrylics)
on Japanese Paper, 40.64 cm x 50.8 cm,
Portfolio #697 l Yvonne Wilhelmi, 2006
Yvonne Wilhelmi’s portfolio consist of two definite types, Collages and photomontages. In her work she combines two important fields in her life, namely science and art. She uses media like oil, acrylic and paper to create little worlds of collages and photomontages. She takes a graph or combine two graphs and translate that into romantic compositions. Her mood influences the outcome of the line and form. Thus her work ranges from quiet lines to a wild bunch of dancing lines and forms.

She creates abstract collages and there is an inner harmony between each form, line and color. To achieve a thorough appreciation of her work one needs to look deeper into her work. In her photomontages she wants to convey a specific message and even in these work the use of line and forms are obvious. There is a certain romanticism to her work. 
High Expectations,
 Mixed Media Collage (Paper, Found objects) on Paper,
 43.18 x 43.18 cm, Portfolio #750 © Yvonne Wilhelmi, 2007

Yvonne Wilhelmi originates from Berlin, Germany where she studied Information Technology. She moved to Atlanta Georgia, USA to study at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Her work enlivens private collections across the world. She are part of various exhibition throughout America one of the them, the Swan Coach House Gallery’s “Little Things Mean a Lot.” The Rhonda Schaller Studio in New York showed her work as part of the exhibition “A Great Awakening.”

You can find more information, contact details and art at the Yvonne Wilhelmi Website.