Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let's get to know our Members--Judith Kruger

Judith Kruger finds inspiration from ancient traditions using esoteric and alchemical methods and ideas. She looks deeply into the structure of everything to find that what is contradictory and unseen. 

My masters are the artisans of distant cultures who have time-honed arcane, alchemic painting processes, often employing natural resources.

My studio is an eco-lab. I respond deeply, on a sub-surface level, to human-environment connection by digging, grinding, boiling, mixing, concocting, scraping, photographing, printing and layering. The juxtaposition of disparate, viscous matter, as an amalgam of mingled macro and micro particles, communicates a new fertile language for abstract painting during a time when our essence and ecology, as one, matter.

She has bodies of work that examines extensively the connection between all in the universe. The seemingly unconnectedness that make up all life. Below are three examples namely Painting/Drawing, Nihonga, and Constructs/Collage. Other groups of art fall under Particles, Monoprints, Photo Paintings, Seeking Peace, and 0x0=0 Hiroshima 2007.

Layers and layers of paint and mixed media.

In this series she follows the art form of Nihonga, a Japanese art direction.

Here she uses contrasting media and combine them in a suitable composition.

She contact details, and more art by going to Judith Kruger's website.

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