Thursday, February 3, 2011

The WCAGA February Newsletter is out!

You should have received it as an attachment in your email from Kate Colpitts. You can also follow the following link straight to it. It is “chock and block” full of information about classes and art opportunities. 
I want to highlight a couple of topics.
*The Artshare program is on March 23rd at 7pm. The artshare event is an excellent way of getting valuable feedback on your finished work or advice on your unfinished work. Please rsvp to Kathy Meliopoulos with 
*An important issue has come up behind the doors regarding getting a permanent space for the WCAGA to meet, have workshops, classes and even maybe art shows. This will be an important topic at the next Board meeting. All members are welcome. The meeting will take place on Sunday 13 February. Please rsvp to Judy Parady via

Classes and Worshops includes:
“It’s Back! Entrepreneaurship in the Arts” Every Wednesday starting February 23 - March 30. 
“Some like it Hot” Encaustic Workshop. February 26 and February 27.
We the WCAGA is also looking for a communications person to be in charge of the email/ members list. For more information please contact
If you want to contribute anything to the newsletter please send it to Kate Colpitts using

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