Monday, February 28, 2011

Lets get to know our members - Weekly (Helen DeRamus)

Helen DeRamus created the WCAGA Website.She just finished a workshop “Some Like It Hot” teaching encaustic painting. She is represented by various galleries for instance dk Gallery and Frameworks in Marietta  and Griffith Gallery in Alabama. She is also included in several collections, including Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta and Livingston College at Rutgers University in New Jersey. 
She is currently in the exhibition at dk Gallery called “Romance of the Figure and Nude”, and the exhibition “Brainstorm” in the Upstairs Art Space in Tyron, North Carolina.
Through rearranging images, color, and texture she seeks to create atmospheric work emulating poems and novels that inspire her through out her life. 
Please find more information and contact details in her Website.
(Edited by corlia)

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