Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A letter from Barb Rehg - WCA Exhibit Chair Person

Hello to everyone
Just wanted to update you on the NC show Brainstorm.

For those of you who maybe are not aware...
The Atlanta Public Library Show BRAINSTORM  was invited to show in Tryon NC in the Upstairs Artspace Gallery. This place has been around for 34 years. It is a very professional looking space and beautiful, as well.
Linda Hudgins, one of our NC artists coordinated with the gallery and made this possible. 

Feb. 5 the work was delivered. I had to only drop it off...no installation work required by me. They made a great postcard. (included below). I wrote a press release and curator's statement to accompany the show.

We had 4 artists present at the opening reception which was well attended. This community is very engaged with art and they were very interested and asked questions!!!
Artists who attended the opening reception on Saturday:
Helen DeRamus 
Maxine Hess
Linda Hudgins
Barb Rehg

Sunday, Nancy Holmes, the gallery director, arranged for a walk/talk to take place from 2 to 3pm.
This is one of their most successful programs. The beautiful weather actually kept the attendance down from the usual 20 or so to just 8 attending. 

Linda Hudgins, Maxine Hess and myself were present to discuss the work and answer questions about our organization. 
I got to do my favorite thing...talk about the artists' work who weren't present to answer questions.
The talk was very interactive. Those who attend these walk and talks are very curious and are (thank God) not shy about asking questions about the process or make observations. 

Maxine Hess and Linda Hudgins both gave beautiful recommendations to join our group. Sometimes we forget that we do make an impact on those who encounter our group. I believe we will see some more artists joining from this area. 

Andre Paraguassu's work is the lead in along with Flora's work into the show. His work is the piece you see from the sidewalk.

Nancy Holmes ended our session together with an invitation for our group to come back to show again.
She interested in a photography show (Vickie bethel, Marjorie Jordan and Judy Kuniansky)... a paper show...(Mona's work was of interest.) 

A good experience and so worth the small effort to make it happen. I hope to be able to repeat it next year. 

Here is the postcard

We have another show soon ...I Love This Idea opens March 2 at GPC in the Media center 4th floor Gallery
Hope to see some of you soon

Thanks for your support
barb rehg
Exhibit Chair


  1. The exhibit is displayed in an outstanding setting. The curator, Barb Rehg, did a great job and thanks to the gallery for inviting us to this wonderful space. Linda Hudgins...thank you too. Wish I could have stayed for the walk/talk know it was informative.