Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let's get to know our Members--Peery Angelika

Peery Angelika has been a member of the WCAGA since 2005. She has an acute interest in art in all its forms. This interest she feeds by doing classes and mixing with artists on all levels. She was born in Bavaria, Germany. She has a background in Computer Programming and studied at the University of Regensburg. She and her husband currently live in Atlanta Georgia, USA. 
With an analytical outlook on life she creates art that reflects not the language of science but the human drama around us. Her art talks to the base level of every human whether adult or child. She has countless ideas that she works on in her art, whether it is the project "Helena of Troy", or her latest project, "Naked Faces".
"Naked Faces" is a project where the members of the Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia will play a central role. 
According to Peery she has been contemplating Naked Faces for the last 9 months and the birth is imminent. In an email to some of the WCAGA Board Members she writes the following: 

“Dear artists,I have been contemplating my naked faces for 9 month.enough is enough.Voila
I would like to portrait all of you generously inclined members of the WCA.
Technically speaking I will use a digital camera, grey values, in focus and blurry and different angles, straight up in your naked face.I will discuss what photos might be used for the "Naked faces" to be presented to the public.No names attached to the photos, and of course you take your raw photos home.For convenience and comfort I will photograph before and after meetings as in book club, drawing marathon, etc.For those who would like to see my art&studio, we can do kaffeeklatsch with your favorites.I would feel honored to visit and photograph in your studio, for everybody who is perfectly comfortably in front of the camera and would like to share their art.If you don't like photos of your face, I could work out a substitute representative.And if you don't like photographs or me at all, well then....
Sincerely yours Peery”
Please contact Peery by email if you would like to be part of this wonderful project. 

Below is some of Peery's paintings and prints, for more work and details visit her website.

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