Saturday, May 12, 2012

WCAGA 2012 Drawing Marathon #1

A couple of images and what the participating artists have to say.

One of my drawings during the April 30 session of the WCAGA 
Drawing Marathon at Pam Beagle-Daresta's house. 
Not as pixilated as it looks-need a higher resolution photo. But you get the idea...

Another Drawing Marathon piece - 
this one in silver/goldpoint, whereas the other is in graphite.
Yesterday was my first hosting of A marathon drawing session
with the WAC , My studio was filled with open sharing
of everyones artistic energy, Thank you this was my mornings marks...

View from Ann's studio, drawing marathon 5/5/2012
          By: Colpitts Catherine

Drawing Marathon yesterday (Saturday) - plein air style. 
Three of us out to draw, a long day but marvellous, 
despite the ticks and bugs. Thanks for the "push" to get us out to draw.
Two drawings from WCAGA drawing marathon
 at Pam Beagle-daresta's studio. Thanks Pam for the walnut ink. 
Will be looking for walnuts at Brasstown!

Barbara A Rehg

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