Sunday, March 11, 2012

Let's get to know our members--Loretta Paraguassu

Los Angeles
Loretta Paraguassu went to the WCA 40th Conference in LA to represent the WCAGA. She not only did a great job at doing a report on our Chapter but also made a wonderful watercolor illustrating the flowing hills, sky and the bright light.

She writes avidly about shows, artists, art and, life on the WCAGA Facebook page and her blog UncensoredfromAlpharetta as well as her personal website/blog

Her personal motto describes her accurately. 
Living and loving...creating and enjoying...painting, writing, planting and harvesting...those are the joys that make me want to see the sun come up in the long as it doesn't happen too early.”

Snow in My Heart
With this love for life she reacts to the injustice around her through her words and paintings. In “Snow in My Heart” she expresses her empathy with the Occupy America Protesters who were attacked. The palette knife slashes representing the battering that these occupiers had to endure. The Snow Heart Broken. 

Give me Color! Give me Life

She had a show in the Montfort’s Fine Art Gallery, Alpharetta, GA in November 2011 called “Give Me Color! Give me Life!” Yes, through her work she gives you vibrant color and a breath of life. Her abstractions with lines, strong and decisive.

With Abstractions every viewer can take what they need. Their interpretations differ with their experience. 
One of my favorites artworks is the “Give me Color! Give me Life.” I see fire with stark and dark burned branches. I think Loretta will smile when she reads this last sentence because she has accused me of seeing only the pain. 


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