Sunday, March 18, 2012

Let's get to know our Members--Candy B. K. Schille

Paradise Regained
I received an interesting email from one of our New Members. I am glad to share this letter and pictures of her artwork with you.

Coastal Reflections
Candy B. K. Schille moved from the Northwest to rural South Georgia where she teaches drama, gender studies, and eighteenth century British literature at Georgia Southern University and writes short stories and poetry.  She finds herself quite merry and her recent foray into the visual arts is another expression of that. 

Her visual work has only begun since summer 2010. The whole thus far, which she thinks of as “Possessing the Secret of Joy” (after Alice Walker’s novel), represents life as a surprising but exciting experiment. The figure represented is (at this point) usually a self-portrait of sorts. 

Coastal Pitcher Plants and Impostor 

She uses mixed media, whatever comes to hand: pencil and colored pencils; water color; ball point, gel, and artist’s pens; wax crayons; and even nail polish.  She’s after a feel of nimble integrity.

She says, “My work has to do with my feeling that Georgia is a place of inner and outer exploration, I often feel the presence of history in its landmarks and the presence of a kind of numinous “genius of the place” in its landscape and plant life than transcends history.  It is really about the space where the inner and outer worlds meet.  Thank God I found it.”   

She has shown in Statesboro and St. Simons and is a member of National Women’s Caucus for the Arts and its Atlanta-based chapter.

                                                                                            -Candy Scille-

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