Monday, March 5, 2012

Let's get to know our Members--Marya Roland

I am investigating themes intended to broaden awareness and engage the viewer beyond an aloof visual experience.  Interactivity - whether a physical or electronic response - is present in much of my work--Marya Roland
House of Beauty
In “House of Beauty: It’s about me” the viewers are confronted with skin like inflated faces. It reminds of melting, of skin taken off after cosmetic surgery. It is placed in a tower case as if to say, you can choose the face you want to wear today. 

Ephyrian Circle
The "Sisyphus Project" and "Ephyrian Circle" focus on the useful versus uselessness. The Gods punished Sisyphus by having him push a boulder up a mountain. This sculpture relies on the viewer to participate and pull the rock up, only then does sound and light become a part of the environment. The involvement circles out into the Internet where people can tell about what they see as useless or useful.
News Vortex
Marya Roland is a Professor of Art at Western Carolina University. She asks questions with her art and the viewer answers and takes part in her inviting work. Whether it is with their bodies or minds, most of the time you are asked to use both. Her "News Vortex" is a prickly cactus-like monster made of newspapers, capable of devouring people. 

Please have a look at her Website and the Catholicity Website for more interesting work, contact details and more information.

Regards Corlia

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