Thursday, March 1, 2012

Going Global with WCA

I attended the International Meeting at the WCA Annual Conference in L.A. last week and came away very impressed by the possibilities. I took notes and have promised to write up a report. In the meantime, Sherri Cornett, a Montana member who is connecting with the U.N. sent me an email with a call for interested individuals: Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 14:23:38 -0700 Subject: WCA International Caucus - opportunities to help From: To: Hi all, We had another wonderful meeting in NYC yesterday. Such enthusiasm on both coasts! Now it is time to start working on some of the ideas we collected from both gatherings. Please look at the list below and see if there is something there on which you would like to assist. Several tasks could use more than one volunteer. It is also available under the Timeline tab on our website where we will keep track of the various tasks of our projects. We can share ideas about the projects under the blog posts on the website. Again, let me know if you'd like me to start another post/topic on the blog. I want to keep the communication flowing! INTERNATIONAL CAUCUS PROJECT TASKS/VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES AS OF 3/1/2012 1. Encourage all current WCA members, who wish to be in the International Caucus (IC), update/designate International Caucus in their Member Profiles in the Member Directory of the WCA website - SHERRI 2. Create the WCA International Caucus website with a blog, background information, up-to-date member list, etc. - SHERRI 3. Talk to Yueh-Mei Cheng about future possibilities in Taiwan and Beijing 4. Research the art exhibition that happened at the 1995 UN World Conference on Women (WCW) in Beijing by speaking with WCA members who were involved: Liz Dodson, Eleanor Dickenson, Carol Kaufman, Cherie Relinger, Muriel Magenta... Purpose: to use as we develop a relationship with the next WCW efforts and collect suggestions for improvement 5. Collect WCA Art & Activism projects and data for the Art & Activism Database by 1) reading posts on the WCA facebook page (going back to the beginning of 2012 and through late fall), 2) reading the print & e-versions of the WCA newsletter, 3) contacting WCA chapter directors to share data entry form, 4) following up to get digital documentation links (PDFs, websites, JPEGs, etc), and 5) write up short descriptions of completed projects for the WCA Facebook page and for the WCA newsletters. 6. Work with Hye-Seong Lee on the proposal for a collaborative exhibition in Gwangju, Korea in September. (One of the most immediate steps is to identify a well-known curator to co-curate this with Hye-Seong. Priscilla has some ideas for this.) - SHERRI & 7. Begin brainstorming about a budget to present to the WCA board in July. (Exhibition support from WCA? Fundraising ideas to support exhibitions, travel subsidies for IC members to attend UN events/international exhibitions? ...) -SHERRI & 8. Write up a brief description of the IC annual meeting during the WCA Conference in Los Angeles to submit to the WCA newsletters. 9. Find/research women's art organizations/collectives in other countries 10. Make a connection with the efforts to have a UN-sponsored 5th World Conference on Women -SHERRI 11. Update Art & Activism Database as data is submitted (ongoing) -SHERRI 12. Develop the idea of a collaboration with women artists in Toronto and Montreal- JOYCE ELLEN, SHERRI & 13. Explore opportunities with UN offices, embassies, state departments, etc. 14 Follow up with connections made through the UN Rio+20 Women's Major Group Steering Committee for possible collaborations SHERRI 15. Research ways for the IC to meet virtually/quarterly. Skype? Webex? Live Chat? Twitter Chat? 16. Talk with the Minnesota Chapter about their Global Economy exhibition proposal -LIZ & 17. Find out status of 2012 DPI/NGO Conference plans/theme SHERRI 18. Begin gathering documentation to apply for UN ECOSOC status SHERRI 19. Add international shipping tips/experiences to blog post 20. Look into possibilities for fundraising, particularly around the 2013 WCA Annual Conference in NYC. Elizabeth & THANK YOU in advance for signing up for one of the tasks that will help the International Caucus grow and its goals manifest! -- Sherri Cornett 3222 LeeAnn Boulevard Billings, MT 59102 406-698-5006

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