Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's Get To Know Our members - Betty Franco Handmacher

Betty Handmacher's work express her cultural, ancestral and traditional background. She is a native of Atlanta GA but her ethnicity forms part of a minority. 

Handmacher absorbs the ideas and culture of her minority group and integrate it into the wider American society. She says: "I feel this theme has universal appeal" 

Of her latest work she says that it relates to her family, most of whom are gone, and the past in which they lived.  She uses embroidery, paper, fabric, lace, photography, drawing, ribbon, buttons and some paint to express the melancholy aura on raw canvas.

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  1. What a fascinating background and media used to depict it.

  2. I've watched Betty's work develop over the past ten years and been amazed at the depth of emotion she can communicate. Her touch is light, airy, almost ethereal; and she brings so much heart into whatever she creates. And, yes, it usually relates to her family with a look over the shoulder to what once was. In doing so, she draws us into the emotional charge that is there.