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Little Red Journal

Little Red Journal

Apply starting Friday night, after midnight, March 3

Hi WCAGA Artists,
We have an interesting project to announce.
Our chapter is participating in a national project which culminates in the creation of a single work of art to be auctioned at the 2013 WCA conference.
Each participating chapter is gathering small works from members which will be inserted in the Little Red Journal when it arrives in their city.
WCA/GA will receive the LRJ in September 2012.
We will keep it for a month and then send it on to the next location.
Collecting the work of hundreds of women in a single journal will give insight to the artistic climate of 2012 in the United States, and provide a record of the 40th anniversary year of the WCA.
We have chosen the address insert of the LRJ to hold our submissions. This gives us approximately 29 pages. We are offering one page per participating artist.

This limited opportunity is available on a first-come basis.
You can apply by emailing Barb Rehg starting Friday night (technically speaking this is Saturday morning), 12:01am March 3, 2012.
Artists will be selected using the email time stamp until all spots are filled. Early submissions will be discarded.

Please read the info below from the project's creator, Priscilla Otani from San Francisco, to better understand the project, and how you might participate.
The Little Red Journal
January 22, 2012

Instructions for the Journal

1.Topic: open to your creative inspiration - remember 2012 is WCA's 40th anniversary celebration.

2.Artists may create 1 – 3 pieces.  If desired, more than one person can collaborate on a piece.

3. Artists may create separate pieces on their own and mail them to the liaison, or create pieces at a chapter meeting.

4. Work can be created directly on the pages of the journal or created separately and affixed to the journal. Please note that it will become increasingly difficult to create work directly on the journal, as thicker artwork will begin to fan out the pages.

5.Diary pages may also be altered via folding, sewing, cutting, piercing, burning, taping, etc.

6.Artwork Size:  No more than 4 inches high x 3 inches wide x 0.25 inch thick. Smaller is good! Piece(s) must fit into page(s) of a small journal so anything larger than the defined dimensions must be trimmed down.

7.Media: any original art – painting, collage, photo, fiber, drawing, printmaking, sculpture (flat or skinny), artist book (skinny), ceramics (flat or skinny), calligraphy, mixed media, folded paper, combined words/image.

8.Identify artist’s name and chapter on each page.

9.Adhesives: best and easiest is Scotch brand permanent double-sided tape. Glue stick for thin pieces. You can also hand-sew pieces on but that gets tricky.

10.Your artists do not have to wait for the journal to arrive to start working on their pieces. Getting a head-start enables artists to have more time to create pieces.

11.Your chapter does NOT have to fill all the pages in the month. Empty pages can be shared by smaller chapters, caucuses and members-at-large.

12.Document every art piece. Please email low-resolution images titled with chapter & artist’s name to  You can see artwork created

13. A few days before shipping to the next chapter, contact your liaison to let her know the journal is coming.

14. Mail artwork to the next chapter, no later than the deadline noted, via priority mail + delivery confirmation. 

Any Questions? Contact Priscilla Otani at

Journal Travel Schedule 

1.      Northern California: Oct 15 – Nov 28, 2011, Decorating January
2.      Washington DC:Dec 2, 2011 – Feb 23, 2012; Decorating July
3.      Los Angeles Conference: Feb 23 – 26, 2012; Decorating Month: March.
4.      St Louis:Feb 26 –  Mar 31, 2012;  Decorating February
5.      Philadelphia:Apr 6 –  May 11, 2012;  Decorating September
6.      Minneapolis:May 18 – Jun 29; Decorating Month: May
7.      Indiana:July 6 – Aug 10; Decorating Month: October
8.      Michigan:Aug 15 – Sept 17;  Decorating Month:  April
9.      Atlanta:Sept 21 – Oct 22;  Decorating: Address Insert.
10.Open: Oct 26 – Nov 26
11.Open: Nov 30 – Dec 30
12.Open: Jan 4 – Feb 4
13.Feb 8: Back to Priscilla Otani.Throughout the year I will be collecting individual pieces from members-at-large and chapter members who want to send something individually and adhering them to empty pages. A completely fat journal filled with fabulous art will be brought to the 2013 WCA Conference in NYC for all to see.

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