Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let's Get To Know Our Members - Ann Rhodes

Ann Rhodes, an artist that shows her love for landscape and art through impressionistic brushstrokes and colorful compositions. Grey is not just grey but becomes a purple grey or a red grey in her knowing gaze and accomplished hands. One of her secrets to make her work different is to prime her canvas with the red that reminds of the red clay of Georgia. The strong, vibrant energy that can destroy and create in Nature is visible in her work.

Rhodes explains her work as follows: “Celebratory landscapes are the focus of my work. Personal response to the intensity of nature’s force informs my painting in which loose brushwork and overlapping layers of paint represent the complexity of the universe. I am fed by nature’s light and color, comforted by its underlying geometry, awed by its muscularity.” (Artists Website - Artists statement)

You can find her work in Artifacts in Alabama, The Art House, Flint Gallery, Left Bank Gallery in Georgia and Providence Gallery In North Carolina.

For more information, more art, contact details please visit her website

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