Friday, February 3, 2012

Let's get to know our Members--Ann Rowles--Founding Mother

Ann Rowles created WCA of GA in 2000. She is our “Founding Mother.” She runs as Program Chair today and as the Southeastern Regional Vice President on WCA National Board.

Her services to Art and Culture are not limited to the WCA, she served on Youth Art Connection Gallery’s ArtSHARE Mentoring program. She was part of lectures and panels on issues of Body Image and Feminist topics. She was also part of the BeltLine clean up Project in 2010

Rowles' work examines cultural and historical questions on the body relating the Psyche. Aging and fat are the two dominant directions she scrutinizes. She says: “I am both attracted and repulsed by the desire to re-form the body through the self-inflicted bodily trauma of surgical intervention.” The betrayal of one’s body and alienation to one’s body comes out in her work. She uses wire mesh, crepe hair, rubber, bone in a combination of silk screened, painted and photos. Her latest work was ignited by caring for her ailing mother. She uses crocheted forms, acrylic and cotton thread and vinyl tubing.

To see more of her work and achievements please visit her Website

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  1. Ann's involvement with the visual arts is nonstop. Her support for exhibitions is a constant. If there is an opening or a lecture, she is probably going to be there. What's more, she will be posting messages and information so that the rest of us can be equally involved -- if that is possible. When you read her resume, it is awe inspiring. Ann has steered a steady course and she's still doing it -- creating and inspiring all the way. As a postscript, I must say she does it all with wit and humor that is hard to resist.