Wednesday, March 14, 2012


As soon as Sherri Cornett announced her International Caucus meeting at 4 p.m. at our annual conference
in L.A., I knew I had to be there. There can be nothing more important about our group than taking it
global. From an artist's perspective, you have to become known outside of your home town. You have to
be known nationally. Beyond nationally, you have to be recognized internationally to have any impact at all.

The position of women artists is fragile professionally. Women tend to be taken lightly in the
gallery scene and dismissed as not as important. The number of women who are being recognized is
growing, but not in proportion to the impressive art that is being created. We have a mission in this

However, the mission is FAR greater than just building careers. We speak for other women and represent
their causes. Our Philadelphia chapter is making a big splash with its Rag Doll exhibits protesting sex trafficking.
Personally, I've written my check and joined the ranks of that chapter. I want to stand with them and
help them make some noise.

Currently, the news from state capitols, Washington, D.C. and GOP candidates is getting worse. The positions
of conservatives should bring us all to our feet screaming in protest. The movement that is behind the denigration
of women and the limitation of our rights is unspeakable. There are so many reasons to oppose it I won't even
start to do that here. I'm sure all of our informed, female readers  have enough information in that regard.

Looking outside of the United States, the world picture is a very sad one for women. There have been some
improvements over the years, but so much needs to be done. If we can make any impact at all, we can
justify our existence and our art.

The message that Sherri is going to the United Nations and joining the Art and Culture Committee there, is
extraordinary. She has put out a call for data that she can share with this committee and build our position
with them. All of us in our various chapters need to participate. We CAN make a difference.

Sherri is also working on getting passes for other WCA members who have the ability to be present at meetings
in the U.N. headquarters in New York. This is a big one.

Just as impressive was the participation of Korean artist Hye-Seong Lee. She is an At Large Member of WCA
and very interested in organizing exhibits for WCA in Korea and China. Hye-Song flew in to L.A. for the
annual conference!

All of us need to get behind these efforts and make the art that will put WCA in an ever stronger position to
support women's rights.
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