Wednesday, April 18, 2012

National Museum of Women in the Arts' 25th Anniversary

The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago
The National Museum of Women in the Arts is the only significant Museum, worldwide, to focus solely on promoting and validating women's contributions in the Creative fields.  This museum is celebrating it's 25th Birthday. It has an interesting history. Like many women-based businesses it started in a home. Specifically in the home of Wilhelmina Holladay. After existing in this form it officially changed into it's current form on April 7, 1987

As women we feel embarrassed by the need to have a "women's museum" because we feel that it degrade  the value of our work, but it is a sad truth that museums and galleries like this one are essential to our continued existence as creators, since women tend to slip through the cracks of a broken history. 

It is to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the National Museum of Women in the Arts that Atlanta's Culture Club have a presentation on April 25th, at 6:30pm. Spalding Nix, founder of the Culture Club leads this Presentation. He will focus on talking about women overcoming cultural customs and conditions to empower themselves. Reminiscent of Alan Avery's "Shattering the Glass Ceiling" it promises to give insight in the struggle women faced in the past. 

It is so easy for younger women to forget about the effort their mothers and grandmothers put into freeing themselves and their daughters. It is so easy to give the word feminism a negative meaning but without the  feminists making a path for their ancestors and their children, women will not have the opportunities they take for granted today. Feminism is not a curse word, it is a part of our history we can be proud of. 

The Culture Club give us this wonderful night to come together and listen to a part of our history. Spalding Nix founded the Culture Club in 2003. The main goal of this club is to "give Atlantans the opportunity to experience presentations by world class experts on all things cultural" (Spalding Fine Art Website). Spalding Nix himself can be seen as a world class expert on things cultural. He has a BA in Art History and Studio Art. He worked for Jackson Fine Art, National Gallery of Art, and the General Counsel's Office of the Smithsonian. He passed the Georgia Bar and did consulting work for Novo Arts and Sotheby. He is also an Accredited Member of the American Society of Appraisers.

One of the goals of the Women's Caucus for Art of Georgia is to educate. It is my goal to educate by giving information on cultural symbols like the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Culture Club and Feminism.

Regards Corlia.

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