Monday, December 12, 2011

The Pioneering Spirit of America, Alan Avery speaks to Women.

Alan Avery has been part of the art world from the early age of 9 when he was introduced by older friends to artists like Thomas Benton.  Few people knows that Alan Avery had two art related college degrees by the time he was 17. He worked for the Abstein Gallery for 11 years before moving on to the Trinity Gallery that we all knew and loved.  Then just a couple of years ago he changed the Trinity into the Alan Avery Company.

Alan Avery and the Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia’s paths collided with the celebration of 30 years for the Alan Avery Company. This event is celebrated by the Art show “The Glass Ceiling Shattered,” currently at the Gallery until February 10, 2012. He was kind to invite us to be part of the preview. After looking at the show and thinking about all the events and the people involved it is natural to wonder. Why did he choose women artists, why did he choose these 3 women? Why did he choose that title? That is some of the questions that went through my head.

I contacted Avery on Facebook of all places and ask him these questions. It turned out that the answer was not a simple or easily explained one and that I was not the only one that asked him these questions. Other individuals, friends and critics asked the same questions. Thus the talk “ Alan Avery Speaks to Women” was born. On Saturday, December 12 a group of women and one man gathered to listen to what Avery had to say.

Apparently these three women was not the first choice but because of events out of his control he had to change the show and the more he thought about the 30th celebration the more the three in the thirty began to stand out. Thus the choice of three artists. He wanted something new and groundbreaking, something that would challenge the Atlanta Community. Thus three women artists.

The wonderful title, was from none other than Hillary Clinton. She mention the glass ceiling being shattered in her Concession Speech in 2008. In Alan Avery’s view Kara Walker, Louise Nevelson, and Helen Frankenthaler are and were women artists who helped and still help to shatter that glass ceiling that women have been bumping their heads against, for ages. Read more on this wonderful groundbreaking show here.

In the true spirit of gratitude to the Alan Avery Company for including women in their 30th celebration and being an important part of the Atlanta Art Community during that thirty years, we say thank you.  We wish and hope that the WCAGA and the Alan Avery Company will work together in the future to build the future of Atlanta and Georgia’s Art Community. The road to a positive and open art world might be difficult but in the pioneering spirit of America we will continue to paint, collage, craft, sculpt and putting ourselves out there, to make a difference. Keep holding to that Passion.



  1. Sorry I missed the lecture! I am a big Frankenthaler fan and am also looking forward to seeing the work by Walker and Nevelson.

  2. AH! Well If you can, please come and share your knowledge of Frankenthaler with us at our next Book Club Discussion.

    Date: Sunday, January 22, 2012 Time: 3:00 pm Place: Vickie Martin’s house We eat and drink while talking, so food and beverages are always welcome. For any questions, suggestions, comments, etc. contact: Vickie Martin and Vicki Bethel (Maggie), Book Club coordinators

    She is one of the artists we are discussing, for more info look at the calendar tab on the menu... The other two are Kara Walker and Helen Nevelson