Monday, December 19, 2011

A Synopsis of the 2011 Year End Social and Meeting by Marjorie Jordan

Scanned image of the names and signatures of attendees

I was unable to attend the WCAGA Year End Gathering due to a small family crisis but was happy when Marjorie Jordan send me this Synopsis of the Social and Meeting with a scanned list of the attendees. 

From the pen of  Marjorie Jordan,

"WCAGA Annual Meeting and Social held at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (ACAC) on Sunday, Dec 11, 2011 from 1:30pm to 4pm.
Members and guests began gathering at ACAC GA around 1:30pm on Sunday 12-11-2011 . . . a table was set up in the foyer brimming with good food and yummy drinks . . . ACAC had a show up and many in attendance began by walking around the gallery space and looking at the exhibit . . . later, people filled their plates with the delicious goodies provided and brought food and drink into the meeting room.  A short business meeting followed.

Judy Parady began by introducing herself and the other officers, board members and committee chairs, each of whom gave a brief description of the work they do for the chapter; Judy followed with a short presentation about WCAGA.  Ann Rowles talked about her work with Programs and mentioned some of the events planned for the new year.  Cherie Redlinger, one of the founding members of WCAGA, who later moved to DC, and was in Atlanta visiting, gave a short talk about the DC chapter.  Judy then ushered in a round table where each person stated their name to the group and gave a brief description of the kind of art work they are involved in.

Barb Rehg followed by projecting images of various members' work . . . if present, the member spoke about her work, if the member was not present, Barb spoke about the work.  It was fascinating to see the amazing range and variety of WCAGA members' work . . . jewelry and metalworking, mixed media, clay, sculpture, oil painting, watercolor. paper making . . . and each member's work is so completely different in attitude, execution, media one from the other . . . the show was extremely enlightening and inspiring.

The meeting was a forum to learn about many of the activities going on within WCAGA, providing an avenue to learn what the members who were present are doing individually with their art and opening up an opportunity to socialize with other members and get to know people on a deeper level."

Thank You Marjorie,

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