Monday, April 23, 2012

Artist to Artist

Yesterday we met in Vickie Martin's studio, ostensibly to talk about Ann Truitt's art and writings. Conversation kept straying. As artists, we need to talk about the issues in art, the forces that drive us -- and discourage us, too. Is it worth going forward? Little recognition and little remuneration is par for the course. The question of whether it is still harder for women to get recognized than men. We threw that around for a  while. It seemed that some in the group didn't want to believe that. Nevertheless, it's a fact that there are virtually no women listed among the most successful (by whatever standards the marketplace uses) currently. It makes you take a deep breath. We're a women's group of artists. What can we do to make that dent? For the most part, it seems more like a ceiling made of steel than glass.

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