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MINUTES WCA GA March 25, 2012

MINUTES WCA GA March 25, 2012

Online Access to National Web Site
Ann Rowles demonstrated how a chapter member logs on and navigates National’s web site; you can get chapter-specific information including contact info for all our members.

National’s Annual Conference in Los Angeles
Loretta Paraguassu attended the conference as our chapter rep and reported on our activities.  She was so impressed by the Philadelphia chapter’s initiatives, particularly their Rag Doll Project, that she joined that chapter. One benefit of joining an additional chapter: If you want to have your work shown in a specific geographic area, membership allows you the opportunity of participating in their member shows. Loretta was also impressed by the International Caucus led by Sherry Cornett.

Young Women’s Caucus
Motion: Initiate a regional branch of the Young Women’s Caucus for our chapter. Motion passed unanimously. Loretta Paraguassu and Ann Rowles will spearhead this effort.

Fiscal Sponsorship Workshop at Foundation Center
(attended by Judy Parady and Kate Colpitts)
Because of the administrative responsibilities of handling funds as a fiscal sponsor, it is more appropriate for an organization with a staff and office space. Therefore, Judy and Kate recommend that we not accept Fiscal Sponsorships at this time.

WCAGA National Exhibit
There is consensus around the idea of a panel of judges rather than a single juror. We are still exploring venue options. We expect to also produce a catalog.
Recent National WCA show catalogs available on
Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze (2011)
Momentum (2012)

Barb Rehg has prepared a report and it’s posted on the blog.

Barb Rehg has prepared a report and it’s posted on the blog.

Marjorie Jordan has prepared a report and it’s posted on the blog.

We have 22 people signed up as of today. Our time for the project will be in September.
Executive Board Members Duties: Judy suggests that with such a small number of people who are doing the regular work of the chapter, each Executive Board Member needs to have defined jobs to contribute to the running of the group. There was general agreement that beginning with the next election cycle, the Vice President will take on the Communications work of the chapter, i.e. sending out Mail Chimp announcements, communicating between the board and the group, keeping the calendar, announcements, etc. The Secretary will be responsible for Documentation and Archiving, i.e. keeping records of all the printed stuff we produce such as exhibit postcards, notices that are posted and distributed about our group; articles published about the group.

WCAGA Web Site Design
As it is time to update the look of our web site, Judy suggested we use a new web site provider,, which is particularly good for groups. It incorporates the features of a blog, a calendar, and allows easy links to Facebook and Twitter. It also would let each member set up their own page on the site. Two examples of ning-created sites are and

New Business
We’ve agreed to host the 2013 July National Board Meeting. It’s usually a weekend meeting. We could be sure we have one of our exhibitions up at the time.

Ann Rowles: Wonder Root is going to do a social justice film series starting in May. Ann is going to try to get them to include the film “WAR! Women Art Revolution”, a history of the feminist art movement of the 1970s.

Next Board meeting Sunday, May 6 at Spruill from 4:00 to 6:00. All members welcome. Future meeting dates: August 5, October 28.

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