Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2012 Newsletter is here

A superb Newsletter bursting with information compiled by Kate Colpitts is waiting for you in your e-mail inbox. I did fell for the April's Fool Kate pull on us.


  • The Book Club will discuss the Artist Ann Truitt.
  • Anita Stewart, Rosemary Williams, Mona Waterhouse and Kate Landhishaw have special news to share.
  • Calls for Art.
    • St. Louis WCA
    • Textiles in a Tube 2
    • The Fire Every Time: Reframing Black Power across tje 20th Century and Beyond
    • 2012 Suwanee Arts in the Park
    • The Florissant Valley Contemporary Art Galleries
    • Ebb & Flow: Dialogues between Art and Water 6 week Residency.

Regards Corlia

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