Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let's get to know our members - weekly (Jane Jaskevich)

Jane Jaskevich  sees the inner form of the stone or wood she works on. She says that she sometimes sees herself more as a midwife than a creator because she the process is a way to help the stone or wood give birth to the form inside rather her creating something that isn't there.

 She calls herself a direct carver and uses various tools like a pneumatic tooth chisel, 4 inch diamond blades, carbide and diamond burrs, and air grinders. Up to seven grades of sandpaper and wax for the polished finish. 
Her work with Greco-Roman influences are transcendental, symbolic allegorical and mysterious. She has been part of shows and has been winning awards since 1983. You can see her work at Galleries like 16 Patton in Asheville, NC and she has interviewed on Atlanta’s Public Radio NPR WABE 90.1. 

Visit her website for more information, more images of her work and for contact details.

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