Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Bookworm Artist

The Bookworm Artist

This is part of the WCAGA Book Discussion Group. 

This weeks book contribution is by Ann Rowles. Thanks!

This is a valuable book for anybody who is interested in art history. It is edited by Norma Broude and Mary D. Garrard. It’s contributors list people like Judy Chicago, Linda Nochlin and Miriam Schapiro.  It’s a landmark for for female Art History. It covers female art since the 1940 and also has a paragraph on the Women’s Caucus for Art’s creation. 

See the list of book up to date on the Bookworm Artist Page

Goal of this blog post will be to create a useful, inspiring, and art related book list. The post will go out saying who submitted the book titles and why they find it useful or inspiring or interesting. Please try to keep all book titles related to art, art history, art Stories(fiction), Art Technique, Art Bio or auto Bio, Art Documentaries. The titles of the books will go onto a Blog Page which you can reach by clicking on a tab called the “The Bookworm Artist” at the top of the WCAGA blog. 

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