Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let's get to know our members - weekly (Dory Ingram)

Dory Ingram

When you see the “Carapace Caretta” hanging from the ceiling you do want to go stand underneath it and feel its protection encircling you. So it did not surprise me when I read that the intention of the Carapace Project which include the “Carapace Caretta” and the “Shield Wall” symbolize the exoskeleton of animals like turtles. It represents that which grow with a person, that which are continuously changing by how you choose to protect yourself from threatening events around you.

The “Brood Year” Series deals with the connection between man and insect. The life cycle of the cicadas, specifically the “thirteen-year Locusts” played an important part in Dory Ingram’s Life as they appear to the thirteen year old artist and made her aware of the cycle of all living things. This cycle of life, fight to live and survive, the foolish struggle against aging are also themes in Dory Ingram’s “Apokryphos” and “Fool’s Paradise.” 

Please Visit Ingram's Website for a detailed Resume which includes several group and solo exhibitions. Contact details also available on her website

(edited by Corlia)

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