Monday, May 9, 2011

Let's get to know our members - weekly (Nancy Hunter)


There is a strong connection between Nancy Hunter and every object around her. She arrange these objects to express this connection. Her work is grounded in realism but there is a sense of mystery in all her work, especially her still life paintings. With a basis in geometric abstraction and taking from artists like Wassily Kadinsky and Piet Mondrian she creates a pattern and rhythm in her compositions. This pattern and rhythm speak to the subconscious of the viewer and it is only after the paintings are completed that Hunter realizes the connection between her inner struggles and the objects and arrangements she used.

In her landscapes representations she uses dramatic perspective that call the viewer into the composition and make an individual “portrait” of the scene. Her figures are equally strong and she wants to bring out the fact that people react to the figure in profound and unique ways. 

Please have a look at her website for more details and to contact Nancy Hunter.  Or read her blog.

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