Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let's get to know our members - weekly (Linda Hudgins)

According to Dr. Mark Packer, Hudgins art can be describe as energizing, renewing and speaking of a level before speech or normal human existence. Art that communicates to a higher psychological level. Hudgins herself says that her travels to places like China and Africa, influenced her work tremendously.

Hudgins Studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and Converse College. She also did interesting things like studying batik techniques in Ghana, West Africa. She took Decorative Style Drawing in Guilin and several workshops in pottery, Beadwork, printmaking and weaving in Botswana, Africa. She is an award winning artist that have an extensive Art Show history. This is just the tip of the mountain of art and experience Hudgins has accumulated. Please visit her Website for more information and contact details. 

(written by Corlia)

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  1. What beautiful work and what great experience. Yes, I think all art comes before speech. It's often what you can't possibly put into words. Thank you for showing us this and telling us about yourself. What a treasure.