Monday, November 14, 2011

Lets get to know our Members - Marie Weaver

Marie Weaver is a talented and creative Sculptor, Print Maker and want more of her art. She is also the WCAGA’s Secretary.
After a successful career as Professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, she decided to turn to the production of art exclusively. She was the Featured Artist of the McClain’s Printmaking Supplies. She’s been part of  WCAGA’s Brainstorm show in Atlanta, GA and Tryon, NC. Her work has been shown in Brooklyn. NY, Abruzzo. Italy, Sofia. Bulgaria, and Washington. DC to name a few. She was selected into the Residency at the Hambidge Center and the Fulton County Arts Council. She has been published in Art Papers, The AJC, and The Birmingham News. She is represented by Narrowland Gallery in Chatham, MA. The list goes on and on. 

Her work can be describes as whimsical, quizzical, sometimes a little freaky but at the same time serious and thoughtful and most of all sincere. Her artist Statement is short but explains it well. 

“The essence of my work is in concepts of vulnerability and protection. I’ve worked in various media but focus primarily on ceramics, relief printmaking and hand-made books. All are process-oriented media that have some commonality. They each combine the physicality of natural materials, the creativity of drawing and color mixing, the intellectual satisfaction of a puzzle, and the hazard of chance.” ( Artists Website/Statement)

It feels wonderful to be in such company. Please visit her website for more art, information and contact details.
Regards Corlia


  1. Thank you, Corlia. Very, very impressive, Marie. I certainly didn't know all this about you.

  2. Thanks for posting. Marie is one of my favorites and cannot wait to see what she will create next.

  3. I love Marie's work. She participated in the Hand to Hand Project, making exquisite printed and assemblage glove art in response to two weeks of news events from the Iraq War and