Monday, November 21, 2011

The Bookworm Artist - What happened to the collectors?

The November Book discussion was held in the studio of Vickie Martin. It was in this  pleasant and relaxed atmosphere that we discussed Joan Mitchell. We wondered why. Why was she one of the lucky ones to have made it in the art world. Was it her talent? Was it the fact that she could hold her liquor against any man? Was it her promiscuity? Her family money and history certainly played a role. Again we find the one female who is supposedly exceptional in a field of genius men.

With all these questions we talked about the Art in Atlanta and how hard it is to make an impression. In the news today is the story on the closing of two art galleries. How disappointing is it to hear Marilyn Kiang says that Atlanta is indifferent to Art. How many times does the visitors to an Art Opening consists of 80% of the Artists friends and family? Where are the collectors?

Another question that can be asked about Joan Mitchell is how her bond with her father influenced her life and work. Then look at your own relationship with your father and see what influence it has on your own work and life.

Our next Book Discussion will be held in January. Look out for the date. We decided to support one of our local Galleries, Alan Avery Art Company by making their next exhibit our next topic. We will look at Louise Nevelson, Helen Frankenthaler and Kara Walker. The Exhibition opens to the public Saturday, December 3 2011 and runs through Friday, February 10 2012.

Again any book, article online or other can be used for information and a visit to the Alan Avery Art Company Gallery is encouraged.



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