Friday, March 11, 2011

Let's get to know our members - weekly (Yosafa Deutsch)

Yosafa Deutsch looks at the smallest part of all things organic and then shows how the smallest part is connected to the bigger and in the end how everything is connected to the universe around us. She also challenge the viewer to connect to the vastness of living and dying. One cannot live without dying, one cannot die without living. In the same sense one cannot have the internal without the external. She wants the viewer to confront the fear that goes with living and death and by confronting that she wants the viewer to find solace, peace and freedom.  Her work is thought provoking. Her work is sense provoking. 
She has won various awards, one of them was the “Association of Women Faculty Graduate Student Award” at the Washington University in St. Louis. She has shown her work through out the country and has had a couple of solo shows. Please visit her website and read and see more about this exiting artist, Yosafa Deutsch.

(written by Corlia)

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