Friday, March 25, 2011

Let's get to know our members — weekly (Marti Hand)

Marti Hand sees herself as an artist and a registered nurse. They share the stage in her life equally. Surely the one inspires the other. As such, Marti Hand has a huge dimension to directivity in her work ranging from painting, design and sculpture. 
Fingerprint portraitures that individualizes histories, events and people. Paintings exploring how bacteria, DNA and viruses influence not only the body but the mind and emotions as well. Her work is definitely worth a look or two or more, and you can do that at Marti Hand's Website
Her work is part of various private collections and public collections for example the Southern Regional Hospital, Riverdale, GA and the Clinical Resource LLC Company, Atlanta, GA. 
Marti Hand also write about Creativity. You can read her interesting articles in her blog 
(written by Corlia)

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