Monday, March 28, 2011

Judith Segall's: The Supper Party

Judith Segall with her Supper Party
It was with a feeling of excitement that we waited for Segall’s talk on Saturday at the Archetype Art Gallery. How could we not be exited when we know we are part of making, and continuing Art History? Thanks to people like Judith Segall(Creator), Christopher Hutchinson(Gallery Owner) and Ann Rowles(WCAGA Program Chair) that made this possible.
One of the questions Segall wanted to ask with this collection of work is what would make the man uncomfortable or offended? It turns out that there is just one penis work on this table that does just that. You will have to go and look at the collection to find out. 
Segall does not look at the penis as an erotic sexual image of the male. Rather a symbol of Patriarchy or Masculinity. She topples the Head with humor in such a way that you want to know more and there are so much more this work than meets the eye.

Judith Segall talks about the fact that the goddess image was not enough to explain the  issues in today's society. She thought that the goddess image has been used to its fullest.

(written by Corlia)

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