Friday, January 18, 2013

How To Questions relating to WCAGA Website

 1. How to Join the WCAGA.
Our diverse membership includes sculptors, painters, photographers, art historian, educators as well as supporters of the arts. All member are encourages to participate in meetings, programs, exhibitions, and workshops. Members are encouraged to work on a committee of their choice or help with special events.
To become a member or to renew a membership, simply complete the WCAGA Membership Form( this you can find on the membership page), make a check payable to WCAGA and send to Post Office Box 8033, Atlanta, GA 31106. If you are unable to view the pdf. file, please contact us at to request a form or contact  Marjorie Jordan, Membership Chair.
You can click the Subscribe button on our WCAGA Website and follow the instruction to pay the Yearly members Fee.

After completing above steps you can sign up on the WCAGA Website.

2. How to Sign Up on the WCAGA Website.
Click on the words Sign Up. You can find this either in the top left corner or in the left top box under the Logo.
You will now see a box with space where you can put your email in and create a password. Do not click on create a new account. If you find it difficult to type the CAPTCHA click on the little circle arrows above the little speaker until you see words you can recognize. Or ask a friend to help.
Click Sign Up and you will be directed to a box where you can fill in your name and upload a photo. click JOIN.
After confirming your e-mail address and approval of the board you will then be able to use the website and page.

3. How to add events.
To add events you have to sign in.The first way to add an event is to go MY PAGE then click on the word Events under your profile picture. Click on the +ADD link in the right corner and fill out the form. The second way to add events is to go to the EVENTS page and click on the +ADD link in the right corner.

4. How to to share and post.
You have to sign in. Go to MY PAGE. Look for the words LATEST ACTIVITY. If you want to share a status, click on Share. If you to share a blog post, click on Blog Post. To add and event click on  Event and to add photos click on Photos.
To change the layout of MY PAGE. Drag the boxed around until you are happy. You will see a little cross arrow drag icon.

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