Sunday, January 6, 2013

Let's get to know our Members--Ashley L. Schick

Post/Card work of Ashley L. Schick
Today it is my privilege to introduce our next WCAGA member,  Ashley L. Schick

She is an young but accomplished artist that works with paper and textiles. She is entering her last year of residency as one of The Creative Project "Artists-in-Studio" winners. Her work examines stories. Stories, told in her family but stories that have universal (United States of America) tone and meaning. Embroidery, book and print making create a necessity of a deep personal engagement. Inherent in her work is the Question and Answer of how the telling and retelling helps to from an individual.

In the last 8 years Ashley L. Schick accumulated a first-class art carreer from  a SCAD Honors Scholarship to Purchase Prize. Her work was published in "Artbound", "First Impressions", the "G.W. Review 28" and in 2012 "The Process of Printing with Ashley Schick".   Hor more of her achiements have a look at her Resume.

Violet Rust (collagraph) work of Ashley L. Schick
Suspend, Forget, Maintain work of Ashley L. Schick

She is the co-founder of Straw Hat Press. This company is situated at The Goat Farm. They strive to help artists turn their concepts and images into printmaking.

See more of her work and happenings as well as contact details in her Website.

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