Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Rag Doll Project coming up!

I want everyone to know that we're moving along. I had a meeting last week with the owners of 2 rules Fine Art Gallery in Marietta and they are behind us 100%. They are going to let us have most of the gallery for the months of May and June (some of their artists will get to display art on the topic in part of the gallery). The plan is to keep it as busy as possible -- a ticketed preview, an opening and closing, all with performance art, music and exhibits. We'll also be doing rag doll making workshops and an auction. Celebrities involved if possible. The idea will be to try and raise some money to give to charitable organizations involved rescuing and sheltering women who have been unlucky enough to get snared in the trade.

We need to schedule a meeting for everyone interested in volunteering. Does anyone have any suggestions about where or when? And let me know who you are and how I can reach you.

I think this is going to be a great experience for all of us. We get to do this exhibition and host the rag dolls that were made in Philadelphia. They'll be well-traveled by the time they get to us. L.A. is doing an exhibit and so is New York. We're going to make some noise!!


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