Friday, August 10, 2012

Let's get to know our Members--Gerry Sattele

Thoughts While Doing Women's Work. 1993
Gerry Sattele walked a solid road in the art world, starting at the Georgia State University and moving on to  Gallery Director at Georgia Perimeter College.

Her sculptures as abstract wire drawings filled with wisdom speaks with an ancient voice about family, what it means to be female, nakedness and protection. On their own Gerry Sattele's pieces can stand as beautiful and pensive bodies, but when reading what the artists says it begin to take on a new meaning.

Thoughts While Doing Women's Work deals with the lack of importance that are bestowed on women's work.
Installation at Agnes Scott. 20

In the Installation at Agnes Scott, Gerry Sattele says she wanted to concentrate on the similarities between trees and being female. What it means to be strong but vulnerable.

Vertical Scar. 2003

In Vertical Scar she uses negative space to reveal the fear of separation

Have a look at more of her sculptures on her website.

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