Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let's get to know our members--Thelma Johnson

From Thelma Johnson's photographs

Thelma Johnson drew and made art since grade school. Her love for color played an important role in her inspiration to become an artist.

She says that Art comes easily to her and she finds  she can draw anything she wants to. To strengthen her natural artistic talent she studied at Savannah College of Art and Southern Crescent School of Technology.

From Thelma Johnson's Paintings

"My life enjoyment is art and photography. I go out to capture the most beautiful sites possible and with the skills I learned in school, I can enhance my photography to be a beautiful sight to the eye. Having graphic art skills gives me the ability to be creative with my photographs.Being an Artist gives me the eye to see art and things that I normally wouldn't see just being a photographer. God has blessed me with the skills to give both of my talents to the world, so that I can give you all beauty, of my photograph's and art, that you can appreciate and remember for a life time."(Thelma Johnson's website)
Please have a look at Thelma Johnson's website to look at more artwork and contact details.


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