Sunday, August 21, 2011

WCAGA visits the CDC Museum.

CDC website
I must admit that I was not aware of the CDC Museum or Gallery before this visit with the WCAGA. Going to this museum is a little like going through airport security but once you are through it is a thrill and completely worthwhile. The Museum was originally called the Global Odyssey and was established in 1996. The name was changed to David J. Sencer CDC Museum, honoring the longest serving director of the CDC.

CDC website
The first thing that caught my attention after going through security was the collection of different sizes of flat screen monitors, showing various images and information about the CDC. Then you see the beautifully layed-out space for the Gallery of the Museum.  Louise Shaw, the curator of the CDC Museum gave us an introductory talk and short video. Afterwards she took us through the exhibit. Louise Shaw is an animated speaker who made the whole experience interesting. Although the show "Off the Beaten Path: Violence, Women, and Art" and the Artists used in this show can certainly stand on their own and hold your attention. Louise Shaw made it apparent that the CDC's present mission is not to just prevent and control diseases but also violence. That is why a show like "Off the Beaten Path" fits in perfectly within the walls of the CDC.

Artworksforchange website
Randy Rosenberg put together this traveling show as part of the Art Work For Change. "Off the Beaten Path" is just one of a couple of temporary and traveling exhibitions that this organization produces. Louise Shaw said that she put her job on line to get this art show but that it had been rewarding and meaningful. This show traveled from Norway in 2009, to San Diego, USA, to Mexico in 2010, to Chicago in 2011 and now finally to Atlanta, USA.

For more information on the Artists please stay tuned to this site and the next blog post…



  1. Louise Shaw was very impressive in her presentation to our group. This exhibit stirs your emotions and begs for empathy for those who have lived through different levels of incredible trauma.

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  3. It was emotional for me too. Sometime I forget how much violence there is.