Monday, August 29, 2011

CDC Visit Continue

Bacteria, Diatoms and Cells as exhibited in Riffe Gallery
Before we started with the Actual Tour of "Off the Beaten Path" Show, we followed Louise Shaw, the curator of the CDC Museum, to view two permanent installations by Eva Kwong. "Swarm" installed next to the main gallery and a Stairwell installation named "Bacteria, Diatoms and Cells"
"Swarm" installed on the CDC Wall next to the Main Gallery

Eva Kwong's work was firs shown at the CDC Museum in 2006 during the "World of the Unseen: Science meets Art." exhibition. Kwong found most of her inspiration from an admiration of the world within and around people and nature. 
She was born in hong Kong. She studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and she is currently teaching at Kent State University of Ohio. 

In Kwong's words: "I like to make things. It is my way of experiencing and understanding the world through my own filter. It is like "tapping," a term used by the bushman to refer to a sense of an animal or water nearby. It is a gut-felt, intuitive impulse to put things that I think about into concrete form." (from Shakerag)

See more work By Eva Kwong HERE

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